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Get That “Natural” Look with These 7 Beauty Tips!

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Go for that all natural look without loading your face up on those beauty products. Read on to find out.

Try these 7 beauty tricks to let your awesome features come out:

1. Pick the right base
Always remember to look for a foundation or concealer that gives you just enough coverage and not hide your whole face. Look for oil free products for oily skin and tinted creams and moisturizing foundation for drier skin. Avoid matte finishes as much as possible for they totally cover up your face.

2. Perfect blush
In choosing the perfect blush, go for the color of your lips. Or just choose your natural blush color.

3. Chest test for bronzer
For the bronzer, go for the color of your chest to guide you. Choose the color of your skin undertone.

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4. Get a subtle glow
Don’t go wrong on the highlighter. Choose your skin tone to make you look like you’re glowing. Then apply it at the highest point of your cheeks when the light hits you.

5. Eye shadow
To define your brows, use an eye shadow slightly darker than your hair color. Then fill your eyebrows with a brush rather than a pencil. This will give you that natural look.

6. Signature lipstick color
Find the lip color that looks good on you. This will define you and you know it will look great on you. To choose the right color, go one shade brighter or darker than your natural lip color. If you want the natural look, go for the creamy colors.

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7. Brighten up your eyes
After putting on your eye shadow, you can line your eyes using a shade darker than your eye color. If you have brown eyes, go for brown or black. If you have green or blue eyes, you can be more creative.

When applying the liner, it should be thinner at the inner corner, and a bit thicker at the end to give your eye a lift. Then put on mascara up to your lash line to help define your lashes.

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