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The Seven Excellent Sources of Iodine

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Optimal thyroid functioning is only possible with the help of Iodine. This primary function of this mineral is to aid in the synthesis of hormones produced by the thyroid glands. In order to keep up proper functioning thyroid glands, it is important that we consume food items rich in Iodine. Iodine is a crucial mineral that also aids in different body processes such as metabolism, growth and development, and detoxification.

Based on numerous research studies, the lack of iodine results in the development of several illnesses and dysfunctions. Iodine deficiency is very much evident among those who suffer from thyroid gland enlargement or goiter. Shortage of dietary iodine manifests itself through unwanted symptoms such as lethargy, immune system depression, easy fatigability, weight gain, anxiety issues, depression, mood swings, and autism among many others.

Fortunately, there is a long list of grocery foots items you can include in your diet to prevent thyroid-related problems, and are extremely easy to incorporate in your daily food diet:

According to the nutrition experts, the Recommended Dietary Allowance for iodine is set at 150 micrograms per day for the average 14-year teenagers. The iodine RDA for children between 1-8 is set at 90 micrograms per day. Those aged between 9 and 13 need up to 120 micrograms of iodine daily. Lastly, for breastfeeding mothers, it is recommended to increase iodine intake significantly up to 290 micrograms per day.

Iron-Rich Food Items

1.Sea-Based Plant Sources

It is in the ocean is the largest source of iodine-rich foods around. Some of the plant-based items which are from the sea re:

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Amongst these four plant-based veggies from the sea, kelp has been discovered to have the highest iodine content. In fact, one serving of kelp supplies four times the minimum iodine RDA. One tablespoon of kelp contains up to 2000mcg of iodine, whilst 1 tablespoon of Arame has 730mcg of iodine. One tablespoon of Hiziki boasts 780mcg of iodine, and finally one tablespoon of Kombu has 1450mcg of iodine.

2. Cranberries

Cranberry is not only a delicious fruit but is also a great source of iodine. A small serving of cranberry, approximately 4 ounces, contains 400mcg of iodine. To get the most out of the iodine in cranberries, consumers are encouraged to buy freshorganic ones. Store-bought cranberry juice is not as healthy as it contains high amounts of unhealthy sugar.

3. Organic Yogurt

Adding all-natural probiotic sugar into your diet is an excellent way to supply much-needed iodine. In fact, one full serving of yogurt has more than 50% of your daily iodine need. Typically, a cup of yogurt contains up to 90mcg of iodine. Otherprobiotic sources of iodine include:



-dark chocolate


-miso soup




-kombucha tea

4. Organic Navy Beans

Amongst all the beans in the market, organic navy beans contain the highest levels of iodine. Half a cup of organic navy beans delivers up to 32mcg of iodine to the table. Navy beans is a vegetable known to have excellent fiber content too.

5. Organic Strawberries

A single serving of natural, organic strawberries supplies up to 10% of your daily iodine requirement. In fact one regular cup of freshly-picked strawberries contain 10mcg of iodine. Make sure to choose organic strawberries to get other beneficial nutrients too.

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6. Raw, Organic Cheeses

Apart from getting much-needed nutrients such as B-vitamins, calcium, and protein, cheeses contain high doses of iodine too. According to studies an ounce of raw cheddar cheese can have up to 15mcg of iodine. If you opt for goat’s milk cheese, you not only get iodine, but also slightly higher concentrations of calcium and protein. Goat’s milk cheese is easier on the digestive system too. However those who are lactose intolerant may have to look for other sources of iodine, as cheese, be it raw
or pasteurized, cause gastrointestinal discomforts. This also holds true among those who are strictly following a vegetarian diet.

7. Organic Potatoes

Potatoes are part of a staple meal for majority of Americans. It contains high doses of iodine, specially when prepared as is. It is highly recommended to leave the skin on as it contains up to 60mcg of iodine per serving. Always make sure to buy organic potatoes only as this veggie is supposed to absorb high doses of pesticides during its growing stages.

Iodine Supplementation

For those who do not like to consume the food items listed above, you can get the daily recommended intake of iodine through supplements. There are a lot of iodine supplements on the market, but the best one is that of the nano-transformative nano-colloidal detoxified nascent iodine supplement. These iodine supplements are easily absorbed by the digestive tract.

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