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How to Diagnose and Treat Gastritis at Home

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In essence, gastritis is disease characterized by inflammation of stomach lining. There are a variety of factors that contribute to the development of gastritis, ranging from excessive alcohol consumption, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug abuse, or bacterial infection the most common of which is that of Helicobacter pylori invasion. There are also instances by which gastritis develops immediately after a surgical procedure. Trauma from injury and burns are also known to contribute to the development of gastritis. It is also commonplace for individuals who have undergone weight loss surgery to develop gastritis as a result of digestive system reconstruction.

Aside from the contributing factors mentioned above, here are some other possible causes of gastritis development:

– Pernicious anaemia

– Bile reflux

– Crohn’s Disease

Gastritis may seem to be a minor medical condition, but if left untreated diagnosed individuals are known to be at high risk of developing more serious complications, or worse get higher chances of developing stomach cancer.

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The Types of Gastritis

Gastritis can either be acute or chronic in nature.

  • Sudden and extremely severe gastric pain is characteristic of acute gastritis.
  • As the name implies, chronic gastritis occurs for extended periods of time. This type is obviously untreated gastritis in that victims constantly suffer from severe pain for many years.

Gastritis may be both symptomatic and asymptomatic in nature. Most commonly, those who have acute gastritis attacks feel the most number of symptoms, whereas those who have had stomach lining inflammation due to gastritis may feel minimal to no pain at all.

Gastritis Symptoms

Majority of people diagnosed with gastritis often experience the follow symptoms:

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– Pain in the upper abdominal region

– Vomiting

– Nausea

Collectively, these three symptoms are often referred to as dyspepsia.

Erosive gastritis which seriously breakdown the stomach lining is known to produce the following unwanted symptoms:

– Presence of blood in vomit

– Black, tarry stools

– Red blood in stool

The severe inflammation of the stomach lining usually results in bleeding, which exit the body either by means of vomiting or through normal digestive excretory process.

Other symptoms that are usually experienced by gastritis patients are the following:

– Indigestion

– Loss of appetite

– Hiccups

– Abdominal pain

– Heartburn

How to Diagnose Gastritis

Severe abdominal pain prompts an individual into seeking professional medical care. In order to verify possible gastritis, a patient will be recommended to undergo endoscopy. Biopsy, which involves testing of tissue along the gastric lining, will confirm gastritis diagnosis.

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Aside from endoscopy and biopsy, other diagnostic procedures that doctors recommend are as follows:

– Upper gastrointestinal series

– Comprehensive blood test

– Stool examination

– H. pylori identification

The Most Effective Remedy for Gastritis

Most commonly, doctors will prescribe the intake of antibiotics and painkillers to target the cause of infection and to manage the symptoms accordingly. Although this is the case, most of the medications provided can cause serious side effects, and may even lead patients to develop resistance to certain pain medications. In order to avoid complications from taking traditional gastritis medications, gastritis patients may instead opt for the utilization of remedies that can be provided in the comfort of their own homes.

  • Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
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This USDA-certified organic, extra virgin coconut oil is highly encouraged to be included as part of an individual’s daily regimen in order to fight of unwanted gastritis symptoms. Intake of small amounts of coconut oil daily leads to proper digestive function and reduction of digestive discomforts too. Coconut oil contains high levels of healthy Omega fatty acids. Organic extra virgin coconut oil may also be used in preparing scrumptious dishes. It is very healthy in that daily use consistently supports health metabolism and reinforce gastrointestinal health as well.

All of these three products have been proven time and again to highly benefit gastritis sufferers. If you have long been suffering from gastritis, incorporating these take-home remedies will surely help you in eradicating gastritis symptoms for good!

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