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Get Your Cheeks Glowing with These 10 Blush Tips and Tricks

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The right blush can make your face glow and most importantly make any makeup look even prettier. But the most important thing is to know which shade suits you best and how to apply it correctly.

Read on below to know the steps in choosing the right blush and applying it correctly.

1. Choose Your Colors

Don’t know how to find your blush shade? Here’s a great tip!

Choose the color that is closest to your palm color. To do this, do a tight fist with your hand then squeeze and release and compare the color in your palm and fingertips with colors in the testers of stores.

2. Natural Look

Want to go for a natural look? Then choose a blush that matches the undertones of your skin. Pick warm-toned blush if you’re warm and cool tone if you’re cool.

3. Right Strokes

When putting on blush, start in front of your ear, diagonally towards the nose. Avoid going in doll-like circles.

4. Face Shape

Rectangular Face: Apply a neutral blush along upper forehead and jawline.

Square Face: Apply a neutral bronzer along outer edges of forehead. Also along your earlobes and outer jaw.

Round Face: Start blush application in front of middle of ear, blending toward nose.

5. Maintain Blush

To have that glow for long, always remember to apply creme blush while your foundation is still damp. Blend it with your foundation blush while dusting lightly with loose powder.

6. Pronounced Cheekbones

Use blush on the apples of your cheek and blend liquid bronzer under your cheekbones.

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7. Defined Jaw Line

Apply bronzer or deep-toned powder below your jaw from earlobe to earlobe and remember to blend under chin.

8. Cream Blush

A cream blush is good to use for mature skin because it blends easliy and looks very natural. For application using gel or cream blush, apply a dot on the apple of your cheeks and two dots on the cheekbones. You should blend the dots together up to your hairline.

9. Sexy Look

For that sexy look, apply a shimmery blush on the highest point of your cheekbone nearest your eye.

10. Bright Eyes

Apply blush lightly over your eyelids for an eye brightener.

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