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Hair Color Trends

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Before the year ends, people often wonder what the latest trends will be the following year not just in terms of fashion and fitness but also in terms of makeup and hair color and style. This year is no exception. For professional hair stylists, 2017 will be the year for some bold hair colors that will range from blondes to brunettes and everything in between. So what does 2017 has in store for us in terms of hair color? Here are some worth mentioning.

  • Jewel Tones. A bolder version of the pastel shade, jewel tones for the hair won’t have to cross the vibrant punk colors that we all know. What this means is that we’ll be seeing more of Sapphire Blue and Quartz Pink shades that are blended with color melts and even soft ribbons. This hair style is perfect for those with lighter hair color. Black and brunettes will have to pre-lighten their hair color first before they can pull this shade off.
  • Raven hair with highlights. This shade was made popular by Katy Perry as she partnered her raven locks with contrasting highlights for that unique charm. This hair color trend won’t be fading any time soon, that’s for sure.
  • Chocolate mauve. Brunettes shouldn’t worry about lightening their hair too much because 2017 will make sure that you can add some interesting highlights to your hair. The chocolate mauve look will be one of the trending hair colors next year. Hair experts recommend that you use oil on your hair overnight so that the shine will be visible the next day. The chocolate mauve look will certainly give your locks the edge it needs for the new year.
  • Smoky lilac. The rose gold dye look really made a splash this year and for those who are itching to try a moodier hue come 2017, the smoky lilac hair color certainly fits the bill. What’s great about this tint is that it ranges from silver lavender all the way to deep and foggy violet. This dramatic hair color certainly takes hair colors a notch higher as it gives off that unique vibe that will look absolutely amazing when done properly.
  • Tigers eye. This hair color became an overnight sensation in 2016 and it appears that it will still be a top hair color choice in 2017. And why not? The highlights used here are a combination of amber, soft brown, and honey which won’t be too hard to maintain. You can adjust your hair color easily if you like depending on the season and your skin tone if you like as the colors chosen are within the color spectrum. If you are looking for a hair color that will give off that confident vibe this one is worth considering.
  • Eclipting hair color. The introduction of the balayage technique in the hair color industry has certainly pleased many hair stylists and customers alike and it appears that 2017 will give more dramatic hair colors to suit individual personalities. The eclipting hair color works by assessing the customer’s facial features and contouring the hair color accordingly to highlight their best assets. As it was mentioned before, this hair color style changes from one person to the next which makes it an interesting hair color choice in 2017.
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2017 certainly brings plenty of changes in hair color trends and one that many will be looking forward to for sure. If you are ready to make some changes to your hair style and hair color, these options are certainly worth looking into as they will give you that dramatic look you’ve always wanted.

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