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Nail Polish Colors and Trends

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If you are one of those makeup and nail enthusiasts, you’re probably wondering what will be in and what’s out in terms of nail polish for 2017. If you’ve been following fashion shows recently, you will notice that it’s not just about the dress the models were wearing that is worth taking note of, but their nails too. There are quite a few nail polish colors that are worth mentioning here and even nail experts have weighed in on what’s hot in terms of nail polish this year.

  • Striped Nails. This playful nail art is perfect for both casual and formal attire. To achieve this look, simply apply your favorite nail polish at the center of your nails then apply a matte top coat to seal in the nail polish. You can opt for darker hues if you want a more dramatic style.
  • Grayscale Nails. Here’s another nail trend that you’ll see more of next year. The two-toned nail polish gives off that tough but cool chic vibe for the New Year. This actually looks delicate if you take a look at the finished product and for sure you will be wearing it throughout the year.
  • Abstract Nails. If you are fond of abstract art then you will love to see your nails sporting abstract nail art too. Use a free-forming technique when applying lacquer to your nails and don’t forget to apply top coat too to prolong your nail polish.
  • Soft Pink Nails. Another possible trend that we’ll see more of next year is soft pink nails. The combination of baby pink with burnished gold will definitely add elegance to your hands and make you appear more feminine with your gestures. The effect of the color combination may not be striking at first glance but it will certainly get more stares in the long run because of its subtle beauty.
  • Fluttering Hearts. Seeing fluttering hearts in your nails is possible. You will need a China White glaze for your base color then, once it has dried, use different colors to create the hearts. Apply outline on the hearts using a sharpie then cover your nails with a top coat to make your nail art last long.
  • Monochrome Nails. Another nail polish color and rising trend come the New Year is the monochrome nails. The idea for this nail polish is simple and that is to match your nail color with that of your makeup. If you are aiming for pinkish hues, the same can be done with your nails so that you will look very much put together.
  • Cuticle Jewelry. When it comes to nail trends for 2017, it is possible that we will see more cuticle jewelry designs appearing. To achieve this, apply a clear base on your nails first then, using a thin brush, apply your choice of jewelry onto your cuticles.
  • Moody Metallics. You can choose from gold, silver, bronze, or whatever metallic color you fancy, metallic are definitely in this New Year and we have to say that they can give you the edge that you are looking for especially when you need a confidence booster for your outfit. Not a bad choice either regardless of whether you are going for a casual or formal look.
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These are just a few examples of nail polish colors and up and coming trends for this year. They are bold, sexy, and will match any mood that you may have which make these choices worth looking forward to this New Year.

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