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The Benefits of Sitting Straight – The Relation bet ween Sitting Straight and Being Happier

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Are you aware of the fact that about 80 percent of Americans suffer from back pain and related back problems at one point of their lives? In addition to this, 15% of American adults get treated for back-related conditions such as lumbar pain, herniated discs, and spinal stenosis. While these problems are very common, they can be very difficult, not to mention costly, to treat. Fortunately, there is one way to prevent these problems or decrease your risk for developing them. This is by sitting properly, which means straight and not slouched over. So in this article, we will discover the benefits of sitting straight.

Good Sitting Posture Defined

It is highly possible that the title of this article, especially the “being happier” part caught your attention. You may be wondering how you can become happy if you sit properly. Before we discuss this part any further, it is first important for you to
know what good posture is. Good posture refers to the position of your body that creates the lowest possible amount of strain on the supporting ligaments and muscles that you use whenever you perform an activity.
In terms of sitting straight, this means that your back is not slouched over; instead, it is straight, with your buttocks being at the back of the chair you are sitting on. This also means that your feet are lying flat on the floor (if you can reach it) and that your knees are bended at the right angle. It is through practicing and maintaining good posture that you can enjoy the benefits of sitting straight.

Sitting Straight Means Being Happier

When you have a good sitting posture, you can reduce your risks of developing back pain and back-related health problems such as those mentioned above. How? There are many ways on how a good sitting posture can make you happy, with the most notable ones being: 1) better for your body (meaning better overall
health), 2) being able to breathe right (meaning that your entire body is supplied with sufficient oxygen), and 3) you will look better (which is great for your self-confidence, thus; making you happier about yourself).
In order for you to further understand how you can enjoy the benefits of sitting straight, below is a more accurate description of each.
  •  Better for Your Body – Proper back support when sitting is crucial for you to prevent neck and back pains. In fact, a lot of people who suffered from back pains noted that these decreased or even went away when they implemented good sitting posture.
  • Better for Your Overall Health – Sitting straight increases your immunity against the development of health problems, such as arthritis. Being seated properly at all times also reduces the amount of stress put on the ligaments that are connected to the spinal joints. Spinal injuries and deformities are also prevented by good sitting posture.
  • Being able to Breathe Right – Sitting straight actually promotes better breathing. Being able to breathe right will enhance the flow of oxygen to your cardiopulmonary system. As a result, your nervous system, tissues, and organs function more effectively.
So in conclusion, all of the benefits of sitting straight will make you happier not only about your general appearance, but also because of the fact that it improves many of the functions of your body.
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