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Choosing the Right Eyeglass Shape for Your Face

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Let’s talk about eyeglasses. Aside from giving you the ability to see clearly eyeglasses can also enhance or detract your appearance. Eyeglasses are now considered an accessory. There are a lot of people out there wearing glasses without prescription or even lenses. Why? Because glasses are amazing. Glasses can help frame the face, it can help make the face and other facial feature appear longer, leaner or more angular.

The frame of the eyeglasses pretty much determines how your face will appear. The wrong frame can make your face look bigger than it really is or make your face look unnaturally small.

To get the right eyeglass, you need to determine your face shape. Do you have an oval, round, square, heart, triangle, oblong or diamond shaped face? Stand in front of a mirror and try to draw the shape. If you manage to determine your face shape, here a few things you need to understand to pick the right eyeglass frame.

1. Oval Shape

The oval is considered one of the easiest face shapes to work with. Ovals have a free range of haircuts they can try or makeup techniques they can do on their face. This is because of the symmetry of the face, it has a balanced proportion. We want to keep the balance of the face when picking glasses. Find glasses that are as wide as the broadest part of the face, picking one that is too narrow can alter the symmetry.

2. Round Shape

Round shape face has curves instead of angles on the face. We want to make round faces appear more angular and thinner. To do that pick glasses that have narrower frames to elongate the face or frames that are wider than the width of the face. Picking something wide will break down the curve, creating angles. Add more angles to the face by picking frames with rectangular lenses. Avoid glasses with round and thin frames.

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3. Square Shape

The opposite of the round face, the square face shape contains very strong angles. We want to soften these angles to create a more gentle appearance. Pick glasses with no harsh angles. Lenses that are rounder or oblongs are preferred. Pick a frame with thin lines and are narrower in depth.

4. Heart Shape

This face shape has more bulk on the upper area of the face, we want to minimize that by using frames that are wider on the bottom. You can use rimless frames or frames with soft colors. Harsh color or rims with thick frames will only add on to the bulk.

5. Triangle Shape

Balance out the shape of the face by picking a frame that has more detail on top of the rim than in the bottom. This will create more shape on top of the face instead of adding more bulk to the bottom part. Pick frames that have half lens frames or cat- eye shaped rims.

6. Oblong Shape

Oblong shaped faces are far longer in height than in width. One of the prominent parts of oblong shaped faces is long noses. We want to make the face appear smaller and balanced. To do this, pick a frame that is bigger in height than in width. Make sure that the frame of the glasses covers the whole eye area. Pick a frame with a low bridge, this will break down the nose making it appear shorter. Pick frames that aren’t too thin or too thick.

7. Diamond Shape

Diamond shape faces are very rare to come by, if you have a diamond shape face, all you have to do is find glasses that will help soften the eye area and create soft angles in that area. Pick lens frames or rims that are oval or cat eye shaped. Pick a frame that doesn’t cover the eyebrows and frames that are too narrow.

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The same rules apply to the frames of eyeglasses to the frame of shades. Picking the right frame of shade for your face can be easier due to the numerous designs, sizes and varieties. Another thing to remember when picking a frame is to make sure that they can make one that is the perfect fit for your face. Frames that are too tight can cause marks on the face and too loose can fall off with very little movement.

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