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20 Ways to Relax Without Going to the Day Spa

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Heading to a day spa is highly recommended for those whose everyday lives are very busy as well as those whose minds are packed with anxious thoughts. Unfortunately, it’s something that can in fact make some people feel even more stressed or anxious because reasons such as

  • The steep cost of spa services
  • Waiting for one’s turn especially during peak hours
  • Sharing the spa with other people (for those with social anxiety)
  • Heavy traffic to and from the establishment

Fortunately, there is really no need for one to pay a day spa a visit at the end of a tiring day or while in the middle of an anxiety attack. That’s because there are so many ways to attain relaxation without going to the said establishment.

If you want to eliminate stress and anxiety sans setting foot inside a day spa, read on — below you will come across 20 effective ways to attain it right in the comfort of your home.


Read jokes on the internet, watch a couple of TV sitcoms, or chat with a funny pal. There’s also the so-called laughter yoga — look it up online and give it a try!

Take a walk

Spend a few minutes walking where you can watch people go about or marvel at the beauty of nature. It lets you de-stress and eliminate anxiety, as well as burn a few extra calories.

Do yoga

Aside from walking, there’s another way for you to deal with stress and anxiety and at the same time eliminate unwanted calories, and that’s by doing yoga for 5 to 20 minutes.

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It’s a wonderful idea to meditate at least twice a day say the experts. Even if you do a session for a couple of minutes only, it’s something that can yield impressive results.

Take slow, deep breaths

Slowing down your breath to about 5 to 6 cycles a minute can help to calm not only your body (slowing down your heart rate, relaxing your tensed muscles, etc.) but also mind.

Slowing down your breath to about 5 to 6 cycles a minute can help to calm not only your body (slowing down your heart rate, relaxing your tensed muscles, etc.) but also mind.

Listen to music

Using a pair of headphones, listen to some soothing music on your smartphone or MP3 player for a few minutes to get rid of the hustle and bustle of everyday living for a while.

Give podcasts a try

If you’re not really fond of music listening, then you may want to give tuning in to podcasts. Here’s an added tip: go for those that talk about reducing stress or managing anxiety.

Read a book

Are there books on your bookshelf that are collecting dust? It’s high time that you read some of them to de-stress and fend off anxiety. You may also give ebooks or audiobooks a try, too.

Switch off your gadgets

If what you are seeing in your inbox or on social media is leaving you feeling stressed and anxious, then consider switching off your electronic devices for a while.

Count your blessings

On a piece of paper, write down everything that you are grateful for — this will allow you to see that your day (or life) is not at all that bad.

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If you can’t focus on the good things because there are lots of bad ones on your mind, feel free to write them down, too. Venting your negative feelings or thoughts can help to reduce stress and anxiety.

Snack on a piece of banana

Magnesium found abundantly in banana can help to relax your mind and body, and also encourage you to get a good night’s sleep which a stressed and anxious person like you greatly needs.

Have dark chocolate

Nothing can leave you feel de-stressed and calm faster than indulging in a small piece of dark chocolate because it has magnesium and antioxidants, too. Plus it tastes amazing!

Solve puzzles

In order to escape stress and anxiety, it’s a wonderful idea for you to keep your mind busy, such as by solving crosswords or any other challenging puzzle that you like working out.

Eliminate clutter

Seeing pile of magazines, dirty clothes and dishes can certainly leave you feeling even more stressed and anxious. We have one word for you: de-clutter!

Spend time with a furry pal

Nothing can make you feel more important and wanted than being in the company of your pet, and that’s why taking care of your buddy is a great de-stressor and anxiety reliever.

Light aromatherapy candles

Relaxing your mind and body at home can be more effective by filling the air with the soothing scents of aromatherapy candles, such as jasmine- and lavender-scented ones.

Take a warm bath

Spending some time immersed in warm water is a great way to sooth those tired and tensed muscles, which is key to relaxing not only the body but also your mind.

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Drink chamomile tea

Stay away from coffee as it will only leave you feeling more stressed and anxious. What you need is reach for a cup of chamomile tea — it’s revered for its calming properties.

Get some Z’s

Last but not least, it’s a wonderful idea for you to spend 7 to 9 hours of your time in dreamland. Worry not that stress and anxiety are causing insomnia as there are tons of all-natural remedies for it.

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