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The 12 Natural Remedies for Kidney Stones

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The kidneys are amazing organs that play crucial functions that ensure proper body functioning and optimum health. Their primary function is to filter nasty impurities from the bloodstream as well as cleans the body of waste products in the form of urine.

Kidney stones develop as a result of urine crystals formation. Calcium, oxalate, and uric acid are byproducts that end up as kidney stones. The increased formation of stones overwhelms the ability of the kidney to dilute it with urine. Once the urine becomes overly concentrated, the acid salts and minerals begin to stick together and crystalize resulting in the formation of stones.

The Signs and Symptoms of Kidney Stones

1. Change in urinary function, urine color, frequency, and the ability to urinate.

2. Pain while voiding as well as difficulty in passing urine are signs of impending kidney problem.

3. The presence of blood in the urine should be serious concern. It is advised that you seek the expertise of a doctor when you observe this change.

4. The swelling of hands, feet and ankles are true signs of impeding kidney failure. This signifies that the kidneys are unable to remove liquid from the system.

5. Easy fatigability caused by the lack of erythropoietin- a hormone produced by the kidneys with the primary function of circulating oxygenated blood throughout the body.

6. The lack of erythropoietin can result in dizziness and nausea due to lack of oxygenated blood circulation.

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7. The presence and frequency of chills even during hot weather conditions due to anemia.

8. Presence of metallic taste in the mouth that can be attributed to the accumulation of uric acid in the bloodstream.

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9. Nausea and vomiting as a sign of poor detoxification of the kidneys and in the bloodstream.

10. Fluid buildup in the lungs resulting in breathing difficulties such as shortness of breath.

11. The development of skin rashes as well as itchiness due to the improper functioning of the kidney.

12. The presence of kidney stones causes lower back and flank pain. Pain may also be attribute to chronic inflammation of the kidneys.

How to get rid of kidney stones naturally

1. Drink lots of water

If you have kidney problems, you need to increase your fluid or water intake in order for your body to expel at least 3 liters of urine on a daily basis. Ideally, you need to drink water even during the night to ensure kidney functioning. The urine needs to be clear and thus signify normal kidney function.

Carbonated beverages and sodas that are acidified and enriched with phosphoric acid will further acidify your urine which may then lead to the formation of kidney stones. In addition, the intake of fructose from soft drinks increases the expulsion or oxalate, uric acid, and calcium leading to stone formation.

2. Natural detoxifiers-

lemon juice, olive oil, and apple cider vinegar cleanse If you have kidney stones, a detox cleanse consisting of apple cider vinegar, olive oil, and lemon juice is a must. This is indicated for individuals suffering from pain and discomfort.

To make the cleanse, you will need:

– 2 ounces of olive oil

– 2 ounces of lemon juice

Drink the solution and immediately follow with the intake of 12 ounces of water. After half an hour, combine ½ lemon into 12 ounces of water with 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. Drink this on an hourly basis until your symptoms improve.

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3. Uva Ursi

Uva Ursi is a beneficial herb that fights off infections that may cause urinary tract infections as a result of kidney stones. Drink Uva Ursi supplement 500 mg twice daily until you notice positive results.

4. Dandelion Root

Dandelion root is a herb that stimulates the healthy production of bile- a substances that helps in getting rid of waste materials. You can drink dandelion root infused tea or take dandelion root supplements in 500 mg dosage daily.

5. Baking Soda

Baking soda is an excellent remedy to alkalinize the body as well as dissolve uric acid stones. All you need is a teaspoon of baking soda dissolved in 6 ounces of water daily for best results.

6. Magnesium

Magnesium deficiency has been linked to the formation of kidney stones. It is then sensible step to increase the intake of magnesium to prevent further stone formation.

7. Citric Acid

Citric acid is a compound that protects the kidney by making the urine less favorable to urine formation. Lemon and lime are fruits with the highest concentration of citric acid.

8. Parsley

Parsley features a compound referred to as Apiol that functions to treat kidney stones.

9. Nettles

If you want to break down the kidney stones and gravel you may want to supplement your treatment regimen with nettle tea or capsules.

10. Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a treatment technique that helps the kidneys pass stones of 5mm or smaller. It also helps in alleviating the pain associated with kidney stone formations.

As you can see, there are numerous ways to bring back the balance and sense of homeostasis in the body. It is equally important that the physical body is in alignment with the emotions too. Bear in mind that emotional conflicts may result in disease development too. In order for the body to heal naturally, you will need to make some changes in your emotional realm as well.

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Remember that the body mirrors our emotions. This makes it all the more necessary for us to assess what the body is telling us about our state of emotions. Attempts of stopping the symptoms without identifying the source or cause of our problems will only result in failures. In the next paragraph, we will give you tops on how to naturally eliminate kidney stones by managing and listening to our emotions.

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Identify the connection between emotions and the body

Never forget to identify the emotional conflict that may be one of the causative factors of kidney stones. It will be extremely difficult to get rid of your physical illness if you don’t recognize the emotional conflicts that may be happening inside of you.

Taking a holistic approach to healing will be more effective rather than just focusing on treating physical signs and symptoms. It is also crucial to work closely with your chosen doctor when it comes to adherence to a strict medication and treatment regimen.

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