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What are the most overrated things in life?

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It can’t be helped, sometimes we really are just expecting
too much from something. It can be as simple as something you bought that didn’t work the way you wanted it to (or food you bought that disappointed your sense of taste), or it can be as complex and as serious as getting into a job that wasn’t all it was
cracked up to be. However, take heart as we go through some overrated things in life, stuff that we can definitely do without – if
we wanted to.

Gadgets with all the bells and whistles

So, your new mobile phone is also a mobile PC device. It has the latest, most powerful processor, and it can keep you connected to your online world. However, for all of the glitz and glamour of this high tech device, you have to ask yourself: Why is it that you need a charger or a battery pack with you always?
Mobile devices that can do “everything” will be, by nature, overrated. It’s the classic argument: jack-of-all-trades, master of none. If you will have a mobile phone with you, stick to a simpler model, one that functions well as a mobile phone and an SMS device. You’d be surprised at how useful such a device is, particularly if you go to places where it would be awkward to use a battery pack or a battery charger. And don’t worry about mobile device withdrawal: you can always have an actual tablet PC to work with, paired with your simplified mobile phone.

“The perfect job”

Most people want to find the perfect job. And for many, that means having a job where you don’t have to work a lot, and still earn a decent amount of money. What these people don’t realize is that if you get a job like that, it won’t be perfect, for the simple reason that it’s so easy that you’ll end up bored to death while doing it. The real perfect job is one that engages your interests, the sort of job that you don’t mind mixing your work and private life for (hopefully not to the detriment of family relationships).

Being with someone

Okay, before all the serial monogamists join forces, the idea here is that you have to be happy with yourself first. Seriously, if you need another person to feel fulfilled, things can become overrated fast. Appreciation will soon give way to taking things for granted, and soon, you’ll wonder why yo u even bothered to be with the person at all! The important factor here is that you should first appreciate what it means to be without a lover or partner – and then you’ll be ready for a long-term relationship.

Anything that sounds too good to be true…

If you hear about an offer, a job, or a friend who sounds too good to be true, you should prepare yourself. Because most of the time, that’s a classic sign of something being overrated.
So, when you realize something is overrated, you should ask yourself: did you buy into the hype, or did you expect something more? If it’s the first, then the only answer is not to be fooled again. If it’s the second, then you better rethink why
you wanted it in the first place.
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