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Top 7 Foods to Reduce Your Appetite and Make You Feel Fuller

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Do you want to eat healthy foods or are you trying to lose weight? Whatever your reasons are, you must be having trouble keeping your appetite and hunger at bay.

But worry no more because there are foods that you can eat to help keep those hunger pangs away for much longer. Here are 7 foods to help reduce your appetite:

1. Water

It has been said that drinking water before taking a meal can help you to manage what you will eat later on. This is because water can fill your stomach temporarily. Although it passes through the digestive system faster, it can still help in decreasing your appetite.
Also it keeps your hunger level down and keeps your stomach from being completely empty.

2. Legumes

Legumes such as peas, beans, soybeans, lentils etc are packed with slow to digest protein, high fiber and resistant starch which makes them a good candidate to curb hunger. Studies have confirmed that obese people who ate a rich-bean diet lost almost 10 pounds in just 16 weeks. This also helps them improved their cholesterol levels.

3. Avocados

Due to the healthy monounsaturated fats present in avocados, they’re considered good for suppressing appetite. These fats take a long time to digest and a good source of soluble fiber that forms a thick gel when travelling through the gut, therefore also slowing digestion.

4. Raspberries

Yes, we know that berries offer many health benefits but raspberries are a great hunger reducing standout. They are a rich source of fiber which makes you feel fuller for a longer time. They are also a good source of manganese, Vitamin C and potassium.

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5. Meat

The fat and protein content in meat makes it more slowly to digest compared to other foods. It also takes longer to chew which can contribute to your feeling of fullness. There are no difference if the meat comes from chicken, beef, pork or fish in terms of satiety. But for optimum health, you can choose lean cuts of poultry and fish which are considered to be more nutritious.

6. Nuts

Pistachios, almonds and other nuts are good in curbing and squashing hunger away. Plus they are good for controlling weight. The reason is because nuts keep you full much longer and their calories are not fully absorbed in our body. As an added note, remember that the hunger-reducing effects of nuts can take effect for about 30 minutes so you have to eat them if you’re not feeling extremely hungry, or you’ll end up eating more than you need to.

7. Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese contains lower fat as compared to other cheeses. It is also a good source of protein, more particularly casein, that is a great help in reducing appetite. That is why, its the snack of choice for both bodybuilders and dieters.

Do you know any other foods that help you curb your appetite? Please share it with us!

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