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Hey, Ladies, Read Up: Enjoy These Herbal Teas to Boost Your Fertility

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Because of your uber busy lifestyle coupled with easy access to unhealthy foods, it’s not unlikely for you to have a hard time conceiving even if you’re just in your late 20’s or early 30’s. There are actually a handful of reasons why a woman may find it difficult to be in the family way, and many of those stem from hormonal imbalance.

Good news: there are numerous herbal teas that can help in restoring the normal levels of hormones in the body by supplying vitamins and minerals, as well as neutralizing toxins either by purifying the blood or strengthening the liver. Then there are also herbal teas around that help keep the ovaries and uterus in an excellent shape.

Although it’s true that consulting a fertility specialist is a wonderful idea, doing so doesn’t come free of charge. So before you spend a lot of money just to be told by a doctor that you’re simply not trying too hard to get pregnant, read on. The following are some tried-and-tested herbal teas that can help in boosting your fertility:

Stinging Nettle Leaf Tea

Making stinging nettle leaf tea so effective in getting you in the family way is the fact that it helps in strengthening your liver which, as everybody knows, is an organ that neutralizes toxins and metabolizes alcohol, drugs and many other substances. Because of the purification processes that the liver does, the normal levels of hormones in the body become restored, thus making it a lot easier for you to conceive a baby.

Red Raspberry Leaf Tea

Having poor egg quality can definitely make it extra challenging for you to become a mom. One traditional way of boosting a woman’s ability to produce top-notch eggs is through the consumption of red raspberry leaf tea. What’s so great about this herbal tea is it’s also known to help heal various feminine problems that can impede pregnancy. Some of them include uterine fibroids and endometriosis.

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Red Clover Blossom Tea

Another herbal tea that is recommended by traditional healers for women who have problems with their reproductive systems and thus have a hard time getting pregnant is red clover blossom tea. The said beverage is capable of dealing with clogged fallopian tubes. It’s also known to help in promoting a regular menstrual cycle. Red clover blossom tea helps in purifying the blood, too, resulting in the normalized levels of hormones.

Milk Thistle Seed Tea

There are a couple of reasons why the intake of milk thistle seed tea can help boost your fertility. First, it encourages the liver to carry out its job of zapping poisonous substances that can wreak havoc to the hormones. Second, milk thistle seed tea helps flush out excessive amounts of hormones in your body. By the way, when you’re already pregnant and bugged by morning sickness, this herbal tea can come in handy.

Ashwagandha Tea

Usually available in capsule form, ashwagandha may also be consumed in tea form. Also sometimes known as winter cherry or Indian ginseng, this very popular Ayurvedic herb is known to offer so many health benefits, and enhancing a woman’s fertility is one of them. Drinking ashwagandha tea can help in regulating your hormones by keeping your glands healthy, plus it also deals with insomnia which is a well-known hormone disruptor.

JUST A FEW WORDS: Although drinking any of the above herbal teas can help increase your likelihood of getting in the family way, it’s a good idea for you to seek the help of a fertility specialist if you are over 35 years of age and you have a problem conceiving despite of having unprotected sex with your other half for more than a year now.

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