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Healthiest Type of Milk

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There were days when people ask you what type of milk you’d like with your coffee and the initial thing we only think about getting is regular milk or cream. Now, it is a bit more difficult. Besides having different variations of cow’s milk – there are now different types of milk that you can consume and enjoy with your coffee and cereal. Most of the options we got before were choosing between skimmed milk, or non-skimmed milk. Regular old milk is great, it if filled with mineral and vitamins that our body needs. However, there are some people that cannot accept regular milk or some that prefer lighter options. Thus, these new variations of milk give us the option on which type of milk we can use. It can be a bit difficult if you are not that familiar with these types of milk, making you confused as to which milk you need to pick up on the dairy aisle. Even your favorite coffee shops will offer you different type of milk with your favorite Frappuccino. To make it easier, we’ve created this short list of the healthiest types of milk and how you can use them.

Almond Milk

Almond milk is one of the best alternatives to regular cow’s milk. It contains higher amount of calcium that regular milk. This milk contains a nutty flavor perfect for cooking. It tends to be a bit more watery in nature, so it does not have an overwhelming flavor. This is a great drink to add to your cereal, coffee and cooking.

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Rice Milk

Rice milk is not a well-known alternative to your regular milk, but still a healthy alternative. This perhaps is the best alternative to your dairy milk for breakfast cereals. It is light and semi-sweet that can enhance the flavor of your cereal or oatmeal. Rice milk contains a pleasant flavor, great for enhancing anything that uses dairy milk. This is a great alternative to use in recipes. The only downside to this is that it contains very little amount of calcium compared to others on this list. A cup of rice milk contains only 2% of calcium.

Soy Milk

Soy milk are great alternatives to milk if you are lactose intolerant. It is a great milk for people that like creating different coffees, teas and smoothies. It adds more flavor to your favorite drink. A lot of people may describe it as a thicker and sweeter version of almond milk. It does have a stronger aftertaste than regular milk and almond milk. It can also linger in the taste buds longer. You can use this in your recipes, but it can greatly affect the taste.

Coconut Milk

Coconut oil is popular right now and coconut milk is slowly following. It is now served with most coffee and smoothie shops. It is a lot lower in calories, but contains higher amount if saturated fats. If you really want a hint of coconut taste in your meals or drinks go ahead. There is no protein and low amounts of calcium in coconut milk. This can be a bit too strong to put in your cereal.

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Cashew Milk

Another nut alternative is cashew milk. It is not as popular as almond milk, but still a good option if you prefer other types of milk. It is low in calorie and great alternative for your dairy base recipes. It tends to be a bit creamier than regular milk, making it great for baking and cooking. This milk is rich in calcium; it can be a great alternative for people that cannot consume dairy products. However, cashew milk contains no protein.

Flax Milk

This is a much lower calorie milk alternative great for adding to cereals and coffees. It is also a great milk for dipping cookies or biscuits in. It can be a bit too bland for some making it a great alternative for rich biscuits and cookies. It is completely lactose free.

The bottom line when it comes to milk is your preference. It should really depend on your taste and which is better for your health. You should also consider your food intolerance and allergies when choosing different types of milk. All of these milk is a great add on to your healthy diet, just be sure that you and your family are safe with consuming these; especially ones that have nut allergies. Another thing that you need to keep in mind is that some of these milk can affect the taste of your recipes or snack. When choosing milk always look at the food labels and watch out for added saturated fat and sugar. Ask your friends if they’ve tried any of these types of milk and ask for their opinions. Which ones of these have you tried and liked?

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