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The Importance of a Daily Wellness Routine

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In today’ s world of instant gratifications we are more than willing to forget what it is to be human. If we have high blood-pressure, obesity, skin problems, hair loss, any minor lack or flaw is treated with a pill and a procedure, albeit most of these quick answers to age old questions do not make for a good long –lasting impression. Most of these lazy solutions are sure fire ways to keep having the same old problems. These “solutions” will eventually develop a person‘ s dependencies instead of setting them free. Free from excuse and more importantly, free of any ailments, disease, or physical and emotional problems.

The key to beating all of these issues to the punch is prevention. Prevention is the greatest solution to all of man’ s woes. All it takes is to know the importance of a daily wellness routine. This way of thinking will enable you to build the good habits necessary to become a stronger, healthier, more efficient, and more confident person.

The four main pillars that make up a successful wellness routine are: 1. Exercise 2. Nutrition 3. Spirituality 4. Rest and Relaxation


Many of us fall under the category of obese or overweight, this is not a huge secret. Still it causes a great amount of suffering whether we like it or not. We all know that exercise reduces stress, alleviates depression and anxiety, builds immunity, speeds metabolism, helps sleeplessness, and improves overall health and performance. Exercise does not have to be done in fancy gyms with trainers. Exercise, for some simply means to avoid living a sedentary life by starting a daily or weekly routine of physical activities.

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One could go swimming for two laps, take the dog for a long walk, carry the grocery bags back, or dance up and down in your own living room; it is all your choice. It does not have to feel like a chore. Exercise can be fun and become your favourite thing to do. Just do it.


The subject of nutrition is one of the most redundant topics in wellness history. Let us try instead to find a proper way to address this issue without going into the specifics of what cuts to make and the eventual diets you will break.

Moderation is the name of the game. We won’ t tell you to stop eating bacon or pasta, just eat less of it and up the intake of your favourite vegetables, healthy grains, and fibers. Binge eating occurs only because people repress themselves from the things they really crave and love to eat. Combining the mental exercise of restraint and practicing physical exercise in unison, can keep us healthy and happy.

If you are trying to lose weight you can simply try to burn more calories than you consume, in addition to, already having established a semi-stable workout routine. This brings us to one of the biggest issues in health and wellness, which is honesty.

Honesty to one’ s self is vital. If we constantly gave way to our own little white lies, our own excuses, then we would see a slow progress which will become a reason for failure and thus, back to reading another health article on something you know well and how to do. Let us not go back to this path and simply take the other. Be honest to yourself, period.

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Giving time and space for your soul is important. It allows you to see yourself from a different perspective, giving you a better chance to get to know yourself, and to achieve honesty. Practice a healthy detachment from material things and trivialities. Focus instead on the things that truly matter to you. You do not have to be a “spiritual” person to practice a daily spiritual routine. I know for me, the first breath of air I breathe in during my morning stretch is a mundane and very monotonous thing for some, but for me, it is symbolic of a new day, a clean slate, and new beginnings.

There are many ways to express the feeling of connection to something bigger and greater than you. For many it may be to pray or practice their religion, for others it may be meditation, yoga, the gym, art, writing, music, dance, or simply sitting down on a park bench, breathing in fresh air, and enjoying being alive. Whichever way it may be, just make it sincere.

Practicing a daily spiritual routine should uplift, inspire, and nurture one’ s soul and one’ s peace of mind. It also helps melt away bad stress, anxiety, and depression while helping us balance out our moods, to further understand ourselves, our world, our purpose. Spirituality is one of the hardest things to learn in that it is a unique discipline and a belief. So believe in yourself and the greater good. It goes a long way.

Rest and Relaxation

Need I say more? Rest is critical. Without the proper amount of sleep the body cannot replenish a healthy amount of good hormones vital to your body and mental health. If you exercise regularly and want to build muscle, sleep is important in the rebuilding of all cells, including your muscles.

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Relaxation is more of an essential part of life for without it life would be incomplete and robotic. Why work hard to make money if you never intend on enjoying it? So go out and enjoy your friends and their company, party, and have a good time. If you really don’ t have time, sneak it in, make time. You can fix yourself a bubble bath, read a book, go on a weekend beach trip, book a massage at the spa, get creative and find ways to dissolve away the stress norms. One should never forget how to have fun. It is the most effective at relieving stress and one of the secrets to staying young and feeling young in the best ways possible.

Putting It All Together The key to creating and keeping to a daily wellness routine is to keep it simple, fluid, and forgiving. Life is not just a giant schedule. Allow for the varying factors to occur and adjust to them. As the great Bruce Lee would say, “Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is specifically your own.

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