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Strobing – The New Makeup Technique

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The makeup industry has certainly evolved over the years with more products being created to answer the needs of different women based on their skin tone and skin type. Aside from this, makeup techniques have already changed as well with new techniques being developed to achieve a more natural look. And since we are talking about new makeup techniques, there is a new makeup trend that is getting quite a lot of interest these days. Strobing is fast becoming the new highlighting technique and it appears that the results look better than ever. Here’s more on this new makeup trend that you might want to try.

What’s the Fuss About Strobing?

For those who are wondering what the fuss is all about, strobing is basically applying shimmery highlighter on the high planes of your face where light usually bounces off. Compared to the concealer, bronzer, and contouring routine which can leave that heavy feeling on your skin, strobing appears perfectly natural especially since the light simply bounces off on the same areas that leave you glowing naturally.

How Strobing Works?

If you want to pull of strobing like a pro, try the following tips:

Prep your skin with a hydrating moisturizer. Since the goal of strobing is to produce that perfect glow, you will need to make sure that your skin doesn’t look dull and lifeless. This is why you need to apply a hydrating moisturizer first. This will help your skin absorb more water for it to stay plump and smooth. Choose an oil-free moisturizer if your skin is on the oily side.

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Mattify areas you don’t want highlighted. Another step to consider when it comes to strobing is to mattify the areas on your face that you don’t want to stand out. Think forehead, chin, and even the tip of your nose too. This way, when you proceed to strobing, your face won’t appear greasy.

Choose a highlighter that matches your skin tone. When it comes to choosing your highlighter, make sure that it complements your skin tone. For example, if you have fair skin, go for highlighters that have champagne tones. Pink champagne tone will work well with those with light-medium skin while those with olive skin will do well to choose highlighters that come in golden tones. On the other hand, if you have dark skin, go for the ones in terracotta tones to match your skin well.

Apply highlighter correctly. Now that you are going to apply highlighter, make sure that you apply it on areas that can catch the light. Think along the temples, cheekbones, below the brow bone, down the bridge of the nose, your cupid’s bow, and in the corners of your eyes. These areas will give you a more natural glow when the sun or light touches your face. You don’t really need to spread the makeup all over your face since this will give you that greasy look. Remember, skip the forehead, chin, and even the tip of your nose if you have oily skin as this will add to the oily sheen to your face.

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Blend your highlighter. Make sure that you blend your highlighter properly to get the best results. You can use your fingers, a fan brush, or even a damp sponge to get this done. See to it that any harsh edges are blended properly to avoid leaving blobs of product or even obvious makeup lines.

With these tips in mind, it won’t be too long before you perfect the art of strobing. This way, you will be able to pull off a more natural glow without the heaviness of wearing too much makeup.

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