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Period Pains That You Should Not Be Embarrassed About

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We all know that there is a level of professionalism that doctors have to adhere to, but it doesn’t really stop us from feeling embarrassed about certain topics. More so when we are talking to our Gynecologist about our lady parts and period pains. This topic may seem like a hard thing to discuss with your doctor, but a topic that should be discussed thoroughly no matter how embarrassing you think it is. A lot of doctors have noted that there were a lot of health issues that could have been prevented if they were discussed in the doctor’s office or if the patient shared uncommon or embarrassing symptoms. We spoke to some of them and they shared with us some answers to embarrassing period pains. Here are some of them below.

Is Toxic Shock Syndrome Real?

You’ve heard a thousand variations of these horror stories, the gist is that someone left their tampon a lot longer than they are supposed to and ended up in the hospital. But have you really heard someone in the news that got toxic shock? It is a 100% real and can potentially become a fatal infection, but this does not mean that you have to change your tampons every hour. TSS is mostly due to using high absorption tampons too long, this can make you more prone to infections. It is a rare occurrence that only 1 to 3 per 100 thousand tampon users will experience. Though, it does pay to be careful. Change your tampons every few hours more so if you have a heavy period. Symptoms of toxic shock are low blood pressure, low energy, confusion and high fever. If left untreated, it can lead to coma and multiple organ failure.

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Why Does My Pooping Habits Change?

These can vary, some people can experience frequent trips to the bathrooms, funkier bowel movements or constipation. This is all mostly due to the hormone prostaglandins. This hormone signals the uterus to contract to induce menstruation. This can also send the same signals to your bowels causing you to go more often. Less prostaglandins can lead to constipation. The smell can also be affected by your eating habits or changes in gut bacteria. If your stool becomes slimy or watery during your period, it could be a sign of an issue in your gut health. Mention this changes to your doctor.

Is It Normal to Have a Higher Libido During My Period?

Yes, it is! Though not all women experience these. Fact is, more women experience decreased libido during their period. For those who do get an extra charge in their sex drive, this can be caused by your hormones. It can be difficult to assess, but your doctor will be able to help you understand this. Telling them about this increase in libido can help them understand the fluctuations in your hormone levels.

Is It Safe to Have Sex?

Vaginal intercourse during your period is safe, but can be a bit messy. If you and your partner are comfortable with this why not? If you want to reduce the mess you can try using a cervix cup or a diaphragm, but this won’t help that much and can be uncomfortable. The true and tested way is to lay some dark towels on the bed and make sure to stay in that spot.

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Why am I Moody Before and During My Period?

Some women can experience mood changes and some manic emotional shifts during their menstrual cycle. This is a part of your PMS. You can experience sudden pangs of irritation, anxiety, sadness, happiness and anger. You can also have heightened emotional sensitivity. Physical symptoms such as low energy, lethargy, headaches and bloating are a few things you can also experience during your period. These are all normal. Your mood shifts mostly occur between ovulation and bleeding, mostly known the luteal phase or the manic depressive phase. This is caused by the sudden shifts of your hormones. Having a proper diet and regular exercise can help reduce your PMS symptoms. You can also discuss this with your doctor if the symptoms are affecting your everyday life. People that have anxiety, depression or bipolar disorders will be more prone to severe mood swings during their period.

If you are someone that is not that familiar with how period works or how your body adjust to your monthly cycle, it’s best to ask a professional. There are certain embarrassing period pains that may not be normal and is an indication of something serious. Listen to your body and check if something doesn’t feel right. There is nothing that you can say about your body function that your doctor hasn’t heard or studied about. Don’t feel embarrassed asking this question because there is a huge chance that your healthcare provider has heard it all before.

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