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The Numerous Health Benefits of Drinking Coffee

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One of the best-known benefits when an individual drinks coffee is mental alertness. Coffee might even be the reason why you’re still up this late tonight and reading this article. But aside from mental alertness, what other health benefits can coffee drinking offer to its most avid fans?

Here are some ongoing studies of how drinking coffee can reduce the risks of some chronic and degenerative diseases.

  • Reduced risk of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s Diseases

This is based on a study that related the frequency of drinking coffee to the likelihood of developing both Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s among adults who drank coffee on a regular and frequent basis against those who does not drink coffee at all. The correlation according to researchers can be found in the protective elements of certain chemicals on the membranes and neurons of the brain.

  • Anti-Aging Food Source

Oxidation speeds up the aging and degradation in the cellular level. Drinking coffee somewhat slows down the oxidation process by the chemicals found in coffee i.e. caffeine

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These healthy benefits very well busts the myth that coffee makes you look old and weary. You may very well look weary an tired from cramming and using coffee as a stimulant, but when consumed in normal doses, coffee indeed helps in maintaining the cellular integrity and wellness of cells.

  • Mild-Analgesic

Coffee and tea are proven to ease mild cases of headache and physical pain. This is primarily the reason why most people with pain tolerance problems dose up their painkillers in combination with a shot of espresso or plainly brewed coffee.

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Scientific studies show that the chemical caffeine found in coffee enhances the positive effects of painkillers. So the next time you feel a mild discomfort or pain, a cup of coffee might just be your natural analgesic, so you can very well prevent the use of painkillers which can be addictive at times.

There are many ongoing studies that point out to healthy benefits when you drink coffee. Despite the positive and healthy benefits brought about by the chemical found in coffee, bear in mind that moderate consumption is crucial to avoid the negative psychotropic effect when taken in very large doses.

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