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Top 5 Food Items that Destroy Cysts and Fibroids

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Men and women develop cysts and fibroids due to a combination of factors. Women unfortunately suffer from fibroids and cysts more than men, especially those who are in their childbearing years.

For instance, a lot of women suffer from ovarian cyst- a benign but worrisome condition that is characterized by fluid-filled pockets that usually develop on the surface of an ovary. On the other hand, fibroid is a non-cancerous outgrowth that may start growing in or around the womb.

Also known as myomas, fibroids are benign in nature. They usually grow along the uterine walls and do not extend its growth to other parts of the reproductive organs. Both cysts and fibroids are commonplace among women, especially those who are nearing menopause or those who have irregular menstrual periods.

Although these lesions and excessive tissue development are not life threatening in nature, they can cause a great deal of pain and discomfort over time. In some cases, cysts and fibroids can cause excessive bleeding that may result in anemia or other conditions that weaken the immune system .

Instead of using medications and artificial drugs to stop the symptoms of cysts and fibroids, you can try out these remedies and food items too.

Here are things you need:

  • 300 grams of houseleek
  • 500 grams honey

What to do:

  • Grind the houseleek leaves until they get broken down into smaller pieces
  • Combine the grounded leaves with honey
  • Let the houseleek absorb the honey for a few days
  • After a few days, you need to take the houseleek-honey mixture before rating. Ideally, women should have an empty stomach 2 days before taking it.
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Proper use and administration tips:

This natural cyst and fibroid remedy is best taken on an empty stomach. Ideally, the houseleek-honey combo is to be taken in the morning. You need to make sure that your stomach is empty two hours prior to taking the mixture to ensure optimum absorption.

The combination of the two ingredients above speeds up the metabolism which effectively cleansing the body of excessive toxins. In Russian society, this special combination of natural remedy is said to cure heart failure.

Apart from this natural remedy, you may opt to include these food items in your diet too. By doing so, women can stop the further growth of fibroids an cysts as well as minimize symptoms.

  • Fruits and veggies

The high concentration of vitamins, minerals, and inflammation-fighting ingredients found in fruits and veggies are important if you want to minimize fibroid and cysts symptoms or even prevent their development altogether.

The nutritional value of fruits and veggies contribute to weight loss. Successful weight loss is integral if you want to prevent fibroids from developing. Studies conducted on the importance of fruits and vegies reveal women who take fruits and veggies regularly are low risk of developing fibroids and cysts.

  • Beans and lentils

Inflammatory processes trigger the development of cysts and fibroids. With this said, increasing the intake of food items that are high in fiber but with low glycemic index is ideal if you want to stop the progression of fibroid and cyst development.

Beans and lentils have low glycemic index making them the best food items to consume if you want to stop inflammation in its tracks.

  • Unprocessed grains
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Processed grains such as starch used for white breads and pastries increase the production of insulin, which in turn increases estrogen production by the body. Abnormal levels of estrogen in the bloodstream result in fibroids and cyst development. You can avoid this altogether by sticking to unprocessed grains that support uterine growth and development. Unprocessed grains simply have it all- anti-inflammatories, antioxidants, fibers, and proteins- all working hand in hand to deliver nutrition and reduce your risk of producing cysts and fibroids.

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