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Your Very First Visit to the Gynecologist

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Your first gynecological visit, all women has to go through it. A lot of us only schedule our first appointment when we reach early adulthood and some in their teenage years. This can be a scary experience, especially if you have no knowledge about it. There are a lot of horror stories regarding it, but most of it isn’t true at all. Your gynecologist is not there to cause you any pain, they are there to help keep you healthy and monitor your reproductive organs. It is incredibly important to get a regular checkup every year, especially when you start to become sexually active. Once you’ve decided to get pregnant, you have to go more often. So, what exactly happens during a gynecological visit? What are the things you need to be ready for? Read on to find out what to expect in your first gynecological visit.

Talking Lots and Lots of Talking

You didn’t really expect to just sit in a chair with your legs in the air right? A big part of going to your gynecologist is for him or her to be able to discuss with you; different medical issues. She will probably ask you some things that can make you feel a bit uncomfortable. Like being sexually active, what type of contraceptive you use and so on. Besides this she will also ask for ovarian or breast cancer history in the family. So you have to be prepared for that. You also need to be aware of other family health issues even unrelated ones. There are different things you can talk about to, you can ask her any health question you want such as the best contraceptive to use, how to identify some STDs and so on. You will also be required to fill out a questionnaire so they can have a hard copy of your fire.

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Lab Exams

This is to be expected. For your first visit, the doctor may ask you to take a few tests to determine various sexual health issues. They may ask for a blood test, urine test, a pap smear and if sexually active a STD test. All of this can help your gynecologist understand you and your body more This can allow him or her to proceed on giving you the right medication or birth control. Don’t worry though, you don’t have to get all of this done in a day. There is some test that requires you to fast or get enough sleep. This is essential to get the most accurate result in your exams.

There Will Be a Pelvic Exam

When you go get your regular check up your doctor may check your heart beat, your pulse and so on. This goes the same for your gynecologist. They have to take a look at the organ to see if there is a problem. They will have to take a closer look at your uterus, vagina and ovaries. This is what gives first timers fear. The honest truth is, pelvic exams can be uncomfortable and cold; but it doesn’t take a long time to finish. A minute or two and you’ll be done. Another great thing about is that, most of us only need to get a pelvic exam once a year.

Breast Exams

Breast exams are a part of your gynecologist specialty. So, don’t get surprised if they ask for you to take a breast exam. Some people may feel uncomfortable by the fact that someone is feeling them all over. However, these people are professionals and do not think of this exam as anything more than any regular procedure they need to do. Also, this exam doesn’t take too long. It is really important for them to see if you have lumps or bumps in this area. This can indicate a possibility of breast cancer. You can also ask your doctor how you can do breast cancer checks at home.

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This is probably one of the most important part of your first gynecological visit. Since this is all new to you, this is the chance for them to educate you about your health, how to improve it, what to avoid and so on. This is also the time to ask them all the things you want to ask. Maybe something you like to try, experiencing pain during intercourse, side effects of birth control, menstrual issues and so on. There are a lot of things you can learn from your gynecologist that you won’t get from your sex education class. So ask away.

Have you had your first gynecologist visit? What was your experience? Take note of how important regular gynecologist visits are. This can help prevent any serious disease and make sure that your reproductive health is at its optimum level. It’s also important to stick to one gynecologist. The longer you are with them, the better they can understand you and your possible health risk.

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