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Why Chemical Peels are Good for the Skin

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Chemical peel is a type of anti-aging treatment that comes with numerous benefits that include exfoliation, as well as promote natural radiance, minimize signs of aging like wrinkles, clears up your complexion, treats dark spots, and even alleviate rosacea just to name a few. Getting a chemical peel can help boost exfoliation with the use of acids which gives you a more uniform looking complexion.

How It Works

Chemical peel works by peeling off the surface of the skin to help smoothen it out and reduce scars and fine lines just to name a few. These peels tend to have a gel-like consistency that are often applied on the face, but they can also be used in other parts of your body.

Once it is applied, the chemical peel will cause the skin to blister before it starts to peel. The good news is that chemical peels today will not leave your skin feeling a bit raw after a session. The main objective here is to remove any dull surface on your skin so that your complexion will improve significantly.

Different Types of Chemical Peel

Chemical peels can be bought in your local grocery or health and wellness shops, but there are others that will require a dermatologist to be used. There are three types of chemical peels available and these are:

  • Mild peel. This is designed to treat mild skin issues and will not require much recovery time. Although the results are not that noticeable, mild peels can be used several times with little to no risk of hyperpigmentation.
  • Medium-depth peel. This type of chemical peel can help remove scars, facial lines, and birthmarks but comes with side effects that will require recovery. You can see significant improvement after one treatment, but you will require several treatments to get the desired results.
  • Deep peel. A deep peel can help remove any pre-cancerous growth on the skin, age spots, and even serious acne problem. You can have a single treatment for this, but the side effects can be more severe and it is quite expensive too.
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Benefits of Chemical Peels

You’re probably wondering how chemical peels can be beneficial to you and whether they are worth using at all. There are several benefits associated with a chemical peel some of these are:

  • Reduce discoloration. Spending time outdoors can leave our skin burned especially when you are not using any sunscreen. When discoloration occurs, it can give your skin an uneven complexion which can be a problem. Getting a chemical peel that is designed for discoloration may help bring back the natural evenness of your skin’s color.
  • Exfoliates the skin. Most people use chemical peels because they want to achieve a skin that is soft and smooth with even texture and tone. Although exfoliation with scrubs and such can be used, chemical peels make the skin feel like silk and have a more even tone too. What’s more, it makes the skin absorb more skin care products since the dead skin cells have been removed.
  • Boosts collagen production. Another benefit that can be gained from chemical peels is that they can stimulate collagen production. Collagen can help with new skin cell growth which can make your complexion more radiant.
  • Reduces acne spots and blemishes. There are some chemical peels that can help regulate acne breakouts and can even reduce scarring left behind by your previous breakout. The chemical peel will help unclog the pores and even remove blackheads too while leaving behind ingredients that can correct the dark marks on your skin. Lactic and salicylic acids are typically used to clear up acne spots.

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