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Baking Soda Scrubs to Try

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Taking care of our skin needs more than just the usual washing and cleansing since minute traces of dust, dirt, makeup and whatnot can easily get embedded on the pores of your skin. Most of us go to spa centers to get facial treatments and such, but they can be expensive if done regularly. Fortunately, you don’t have to do this all the time because you can make your own DIY scrubs too. As a matter of fact, you won’t even have to spend a lot because if you have baking soda in your pantry then you are all set because it is one of the best ingredients to add to your DIY scrub.

If you want to give baking soda a try when you need to give your skin a good scrub, these baking soda scrub recipes are worth doing.

Baking soda scrub for underarms

Dark underarms can prevent you from showing off your arms, but this scrub can help lighten them in no time. You will need a teaspoon each of baking soda and coconut oil. Mix the two in a small bowl and then apply under your arms. Scrub for a few minutes then leave it for 5 to 10 minutes. Wash it off afterwards.

Baking soda scrub for skin flaws

Baking soda is one of the best ways for you to remove dirt and microbes on your skin and can even help with razor bumps, acne, and even blackheads. For this recipe, you will need 2 tablespoons of baking soda, 3 drops of tea tree oil, 1 to 2 tablespoons of coconut oil, and 3 drops of lemon oil. Get a bowl and mix all the ingredients in it thoroughly. To use this scrub, you need to wash your skin first with body wash or soap then rinse. You can have a hot water bath or shower to help the pores open up. Apply adequate amounts of scrub to your wet skin then massage for 5 to 10 minutes. This will help remove the dead skin cells. Rinse afterwards. Store the scrub in a container with a tight lid.

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Baking soda for dark spots

Acne breakouts can leave dark spots on the skin which causes uneven complexion. It is understandable that you will be self-conscious about this. Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem and that it is to make a baking soda and lemon juice facial scrub. Get a small bowl and add a teaspoon of baking soda to it. Add some lemon juice in the mix. Stir the ingredients. It may fizz for a while but don’t worry. This is the baking soda reacting to the citric acid in lemon juice. Combine the two until you get a fine paste. Apply this afterwards on the dark spots on your skin and leave it there for a few minutes. Rinse afterwards. This solution can be repeated as desired until you get the results that you are looking for.

Baking soda for dark circles

Waking up with dark circles under the eyes is not a welcome sight, but the good news is that it is possible to correct this issue with the help of baking soda. You will need a tablespoon each of baking soda, cucumber juice, and turmeric powder. Mix the ingredients in a small bowl and apply on the affected area. Leave it for a few minutes before washing off completely.

Baking soda definitely has a lot of uses in your home, and it seems that it can also help with keeping our skin looking great. The best part? It is quite cheap and can be used as often as you like.

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