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How to Treat Leg and Back Pain

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If you experience pain in both legs and back, you need to see a doctor immediately because these might be symptoms of a more serious medical problem. By knowing what caused the pain, it’ll be easier to find the right ways to treat it. Is there something wrong with your back? Could it be that there’s something wrong with your legs? Both, perhaps? Keep reading to know more about the factors causing this problem and the possible natural treatments.

Leg and Back Pain

If you are suffering from leg and back pain, chances are there’s something wrong with your lower back. Bone spurs and bulging discs can form and block the nerves that come out of the lower spine. This creates irritation and inflammation that you feel as tingling, numbness, or pain in the buttocks, legs, and lower back.

When the nerve irritation happens along your sciatic nerve, this is called sciatica. Leg and back pain, however, often happens when nerves like the cauda equine nerve roots are compressed.

Some of the traditional ways to treat back and leg pain are:

  • Medication
  • Surgery
  • Physical therapy
  • Bed rest

Although these treatments were designed to provide relief from leg and back pain, none of them can treat the underlying cause. As a matter of fact, these treatments can actually worsen the situation. While extreme exertion is discouraged, bed rest can actually cause more pain and nerve irritation. Pain relievers, however, alleviate the pain but only for a short period of time. Workout routines or physical therapy, on the other hand, can only cause more irritation and inflammation along the affected areas and nerves. Surgery involves making physiological changes by fusing or removing the bones. These changes are irreversible.

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People who experience leg and back pain miss plenty of work and school days. While the pain can be very debilitating, it does not have one specific cause. The body can easily adjust to the results of living a sedentary lifestyle, weight gain, poorly developed muscles, and poor posture but it will eventually reach a point when it can no longer adjust to the changes. You then begin to notice that the activities you could easily do before suddenly bring you so much pain.

It’s a good thing there are healthier and more natural ways to treat leg and back pain.

The Natural Way to Treat Leg and Back Pain

Treating leg and back pain is very dependent on finding the underlying cause of the problem and knowing how to treat it. According to a chiropractor based in Dupage County, chiropractic practice is effective in alleviating leg and back pain. It helps identify neighboring or crowding nerves and areas that are not functioning properly. It gently works to soothe irritation and inflammation, correct malpositioned bones in the leg and back, and alleviate pain and its underlying causes.

One of the steps you can do to treat leg and back pain is to ask for help from a chiropractor. They are state-licensed, sympathetic, and highly-educated professionals who have a holistic way of looking at the situation. Recently, chiropractic practice became one of the top alternatives to treating various medical conditions and this is patients who experienced the positive results highly recommend it to their friends and family. Insurance also covers chiropractic practice.

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Your chiropractor will ask a serious of questions during consultation to know more about you and to figure out what triggered your leg and back pain. These questions plus a physical examination will help him create a clear, mental image of the problem. Once they figure everything out, they’ll tell you about what caused the problem and what the possible treatments are. After this, the chiropractor will formulate a chiropractic plan to improve the movement of the joins and to restore optimal alignment in the lower back. These chiropractic adjustments will lessen irritation and inflammation in the nervous system. For most people, these adjustments are equivalent to relief from leg and back pain. For people with more complicated problems, however, an extensive chiropractic plan is needed to alleviate the pain and to treat the underlying causes.

Factors that Cause Leg and Back Pain

While leg and back pains are common conditions experienced by many, these factors may have triggered the onset:

Work: Some jobs trigger leg and back pains. These types of job involve long distance driving, twisting of the spine, and lifting heavy objects.

Aging: As we age, the chances of developing leg and back pain increases. With wear and tear, our discs begin to degenerate and once they begin to bulge, they compress and block the nerves that are near them. These age-related factors surface once a person reaches the age of forty.

Illness: Diabetes and other diseases hinder the functions of the nervous system. This triggers leg and back pain.

Sedentary lifestyle: A lot of people are under the impression that being chill and staying away from physical activity will have a positive effect on their bodies. When you sit all day you invite leg pain, back pain, and other medical conditions.

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Do not underestimate leg and back pain. Once you feel the symptoms, visit your doctor or chiropractor and ask for immediate treatment.

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