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Ice Cold Shower – Does It Have Benefit?

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When it comes to taking a shower, we often dread being the last one to go as the water is no longer hot for us to enjoy. You might have experienced being doused by cold water while you are in the middle of a warm bath because someone flushed the toilet in the house. Most of us end up irritated at this point but you might be surprised that taking ice cold shower can be beneficial to you in the long run too. Surprising, isn’t it? Well, here are the benefits that are linked to taking an ice cold shower.

Boost alertness

One of the benefits of taking an ice cold shower in the morning is that it will jolt you awake. When the cold water touches your bare skin, the shock causes your body to warm itself up hence you become awake. This is a natural way of getting yourself energized at the start of the day which is something you should consider.

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Improve immunity and blood circulation

Another benefit that is associated with ice cold showers is that it can boost your blood circulation. One reason behind this is that we have a tendency to breathe deeply which causes you to have more oxygen in your blood. The cold water can boost your circulation in the process which means that more oxygen will reach your organs as well.

Good for the hair and skin

You might think that taking hot showers are good for your hair and skin, but what the hot temperature is doing is stripping your hair of its moisture while your skin’s natural oils are removed. Dryness ensues. Taking cold water showers, on the other hand, seals the pores on your scalp as well as your skin so that there will be less dirt getting inside and blocking them.

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Reduce stress

Most of us take hot showers to ease the stress that we are feeling after a long day at work or at school, but you might be surprised to find that cold showers are much better because their uric acid levels have been reduced significantly. Another thing that researchers have noticed is that taking cold showers have raised glutathione levels significantly.

Promotes weight loss

Another advantage to ice cold shower is that it can stimulate the brown fat cells in your body. What’s so important about this? The white blood cells tend to grow more every time we eat which can lead to fats accumulating around your mid-section, your hips, and all the wrong places. When you take a cold bath, your brown fat cells warm up thus generating heat in the body that breaks down the fats on your body.

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Fights depression

What else can you get from taking an ice cold shower? It seems that it helps fight depression since the cold temperature stimulates the blood cells that help you perk up. If you are feeling blue, taking an ice cold shower is worth trying out.

Makes you sleep better

Another benefit that is linked to ice cold showers is that it helps you sleep better at night. One reason behind this is that your body’s temperature goes down which can enhance your sleep at night.

Who would have thought that taking an ice cold shower is considerably better than a hot shower? The hot temperature can be harsh on the skin and hair which can be bothersome especially when you have to deal with dry and dull skin. Now that you know of the benefits, it might be a good addition to your skin care routine in the long run.

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