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6 Things You’re Doing Because of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

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Some people get irritated or may look at you in a different way if you tend to turn down party invites all the time or that you refuse to take the stairs when in the office. However, for those who have chronic fatigue, these may be their way of being able to cope up with their condition so they will be able to get through their day. Unfortunately, not everyone is aware of chronic fatigue syndrome, and how they handle this condition.

So, what do you do that others don’t realize are because you have chronic fatigue syndrome? Here are a few that others have shared when it comes to their condition.

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Taking showers

Most houses have two bathrooms in their house, but for those who have chronic fatigue syndrome, going up and down the stairs can take a toll on their body. Some patients have to deal with being accused of being lazy because they schedule their showers around the availability of the shower downstairs. This can be annoying and frustrating at the same time.

Functionally ill

There is a common misconception that chronic fatigue sufferers are just bound to their bed all the time. This is not always so. Some are capable of functioning on a daily basis but there is a limit to their energy expenditure. For example, if the day takes up a lot of energy, the effects can be felt after two or three days. You might appear that you are doing okay, but once the pain hits, it’s hard to manage it.

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For those who have chronic fatigue syndrome, they tend to micromanage everything that they need to do in the day. This can be annoying to others because you are following a tight schedule but you need this to manage your energy. This constant scheduling can be exhausting in the long run. Ask anyone who has chronic fatigue syndrome.

Having a buffer day

Another thing that chronic fatigue sufferers tend to do is to have a buffer day for the week. This is for days when they have a tasking day that can deplete their energy levels. During their buffer day, they generally unplug from technology so that they will be able to recuperate from their ordeal. It might affect their social relationships, but they need it to regain their energy. Many don’t understand the need for this, but ask anyone who has chronic fatigue syndrome and you’ll hear that they require a day to themselves as much as possible so the effects will not last long.

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Fear of missing out

Chronic fatigue sufferers hate missing out on parties and gatherings because of their condition. There are many patients who feel frustrated because they cannot go out for drinks for fear that they won’t be able to make it back home. Even though there are offers for stay overs, there is fear that they won’t be able to sleep well. If you do go out, the effects can take three days or more for them to completely disappear.

Psychosomatic symptoms

Another thing that chronic fatigue sufferers often hear is that their symptoms are all psychosomatic. Psychiatrists often give this diagnosis but there are recent studies that show that an imbalanced microbiome can be linked to this condition and that chronic fatigue syndrome is due to physical problem and not mental.

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These are just a few examples of what chronic fatigue syndrome sufferers have to deal with all the time. If only other people can understand that its their condition that is preventing them from enjoying their lives.

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