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Tips on Protecting Your Lips From the Summer Sun

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It’s not just your skin and hair that you need to shield from the scorching summer sun, but also your lips — the ones you use for talking, smiling and kissing.

Your lips are really sensitive, and unnecessary exposure to the sun can actually leave them burned. You can tell that your lips are sunburned if they are achy, dry and cracking.

Every time you head out during the day, make sure that your lips are protected from the sun. There are certain things that you may do to ensure your lips’ safety:

Put on a Hat

Don’t just sport any hat — opt for one with a wide brim. It’s during summer when wide-brimmed hats are in vogue because they also protect your face from UV rays.

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By sporting a stylish wide-brimmed hat, not only are you making an excellent fashion statement perfect for the season, but you’re also doing your lips a huge, huge favor.

Skip the Lip Gloss

If you think that summer is the perfect time for liberally applying lip gloss to make your lips dazzle, think again. The use of lip gloss can actually make your lips prone to getting burned!

Your favorite lip gloss works by attracting light to it. Outdoors, it’s not just sunlight that it attracts but also those damaging UV rays. To protect your lips, ditch that lip gloss.

Avoid Petroleum Jelly

Similarly, it’s a good idea for you to refrain from smearing petroleum jelly on your lips to make them appear shinier and bigger. Yes, your lips may end up bigger, but only because they’re sunburned!

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Anything glossy should not be applied on your lips. But if you cannot help but try to make your lips super shiny, simply follow the next tip.

Use Sunscreen First

Whether it’s summer or not, it’s a must for you to apply lip sunscreen each time you want to step foot outside, under the sun. It’s something that you should use as needed.

Before applying lip gloss or petroleum jelly, apply your lip sunscreen first — this will help shield your lips even if your favorite lip gloss or petroleum jelly is attracting the sun’s UV rays.

Choose SPF 30

Most beauty stores carry lip sunscreen with an SPF of only 15 or 20. Well, don’t stop shopping until you find lip sunscreen that has an SPF of at least 30 for maximum protection.

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In this day and age when the ozone layer is in a terrible, terrible shape, your lips need all the protection they can get, and a lip sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher is the one that’s perfect for the job.

Bear in mind all of these tips most especially this summer and you’re golden! Do everything you can in order to shield your lips from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Can you think of any other nifty way of shielding the lips from the sun? Feel free to share it in the comments section below so that beauty-conscious females reading this article may try it, too!


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