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Abrasions Causes, Symptoms and Remedies

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An abrasion is a wound due to superficial skin damage. It is not deep, as compare to the epidermal layer. Unlike a laceration, an abrasion is less severe and presents minimal bleeding. The following are the causes, signs and symptoms, and remedies for abrasion.


Abrasion is caused by frictional scraping of the skin layers. According to Health Blurbs, the condition occurs when the skin contacts a rough surface with associated force. A wound with minor bleeding is a result, depending on the depth of the skin damage. As per the publication, skin abrasions stand as frequent sports injury, since most sports have a risk of falling on a rough or hard surface.

Signs and Symptoms

Along with the break in skin integrity and bleeding, abrasion may also be accompanied by other symptoms. According to Med Broadcast, these include fever, discharge or pus coming from the cut or scrape, pain, redness, warmth, and swelling in the affected area. The aforementioned symptoms may indicate infection in the area. As per the publication, people who take medications that cause skin drying and blood clotting, the immunosuppressed, and those with diabetes should be more careful not to have abrasions.

Home Remedies

The following are home remedies that can be applied to manage abrasions.

Cleaning the Wound

Cleaning the abrasion is one of the remedies for abrasions and it is the initial step to treat the condition, as per Top 10 Home Remedies. According to the publication, the procedure helps cleans the area and protect it from dirt and debris, in addition to promoting healing and preventing infection. To proceed, as per the publication, the person uses antiseptic soap and water. Next, he gently pats dry the area with a clean cloth. After that, he applies petroleum jelly, antiseptic cream, and moisturizing lotion to the area to keep it moist. Then, it is covered with a sterile dressing or bandage, which is changed at least once a day.

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Lavender Oil

While wound care and bandage application are given interventions for abrasions, lavender oil stands as another remedy for the condition. According to Home Remedies for You, lavender oil disinfects the wound and promotes wound healing. To prepare, as per the publication, the person prepares some thyme tea and adds three to five drops of the oil. The resulting mixture is applied on the affected area for at least once or twice a day. It is added that tea tree and comfrey also stands as excellent alternatives for abrasion treatment.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera also helps promote abrasion healing. It is the most known home remedy used for the condition, according to Organic Facts. As per the publication, it is advised to have one at home, since abrasion is likely to happen. As a remedy, aloe vera soothes skin problems and it has healing features. According to Home Remedies for You, a fresh aloe vera leaf is used; it is slit until the inner gel is exposed. The gel is applied on the affected skin area.


Known as a sweet viscous liquid, honey also serves as a remedy for abrasions. According to Authority Remedies, it has been used a treatment for various conditions, with its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. As per the publication, it is rubbed on the affected area, before it is covered with a bandage. After one hour, the area is rinsed with water. The remedy is done twice or thrice a day to promote healing.

An abrasion is not a life-threatening condition, as compared to conditions like concussions and contusions. However, it may pose a risk for infection, since it involves a break in the continuity of the skin. Thus, interventions should be done as soon as possible to manage the condition and prevent complications.

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