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Different Ways to Use Rose for Combating Stress

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Roses come in a variety of lovely colors. They are also available all year round. Did you know that you can count on these stunning flowers whenever you are stressed? Let us count the ways:


Place Cut Roses in Sight

One of the simplest ways that you can employ roses in battling stress is adorning your home or office with them. The sight and smell of these beautiful blooms are usually enough to calm your nerves and lift your mood. While they may not be the cheapest flowers on the planet, cut roses are very good at combating stress naturally.


Turn Roses Into Tea

Are you aware that you can turn rose petals and rose hops into stress-busting tea? Just allow them to steep in boiling water for several minutes. A cup of freshly-brewed rose tea won’t only lower your stress levels, but also deal with all sorts of nasty things that accompany stress, such as headaches and an upset stomach.


Light Up Rose-Scented Candles

Fret not if your budget does not permit you to get your hand on cut roses. That’s because you may simply opt for a rose-scented candle. Lighting it up fills the air with the sweet and very familiar fragrance of roses. With relaxing music playing in the background, you can say bye-bye to stress in no time.


Have a Whiff of Rose Essential Oil

Can’t light up a candle because you’re in your office or right in the middle of grocery shopping? Then count on rose essential oil. Especially if you are prone to stress and even anxiety, it can be very beneficial for you to have a small bottle of rose essential oil stashed in your purse or knapsack for an instant source of relief.

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Restore Gut Functioning With It, Too

It’s a wonderful idea to opt for food-grade rose essential oil so that it may be used for dealing with various gut issues that stress causes. Add a drop or two of rose essential oil to water, juice or tea to combat constipation. You may also have it massaged on your tummy to attain relief from the likes of excess gas and abdominal cramps.


Take a Relaxing Rose Bath

Nothing can make your stress go away in a snap more than enjoying a rose bath that’s fit for a queen! All you have to do is add a handful of rose petals to your bathwater, and de-stress in it for several minutes. Some also love combining rose petals with milk in attaining utmost relaxation just before they hit the sack.


Get a Rose Petal Facial

Stress can definitely ruin your skin! To regain your glowing complexion, simply perform a relaxing and beautifying rose petal facial every now and then. Simply place near-boiling water in a basin. Add a handful of rose petals. Lean forward and place your face about a foot above the basin. Drape a towel over your head for best results.


Have Roses Dried and Pressed

It’s no secret that embracing an enjoyable hobby is very good at combating stress. This is the reason why pressing rose flowers can help you attain much-needed relaxation at the end of a busy day or during the weekends. As a bonus, pressing roses allows you to come up with lovely artworks that you may also hand out as personalized gifts!

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Arrange Roses Creatively

One more hobby that you may embrace to manage stress is ikebana. Simply put, ikebana is age-old flower arrangement from Japan. There are some simple rules to follow that allow you to whip up really eye-catching creations using roses. Once you’re through with a masterpiece, your stress will surely be nowhere in sight!


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