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Skin Care Tips to Start While You Are in Your Teens or Early 20s

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Having fair and youthful skin is a blessing indeed especially when you are in your teens going on your twenties but if you think that your skin will remain so with minimal care as you age, you might want to think again. At a young age, our skin will look glowing as the skin cells are all healthy and are at their peak. But without proper care, you are putting yourself at risk from premature aging as the years go by. With that being said, there are skin care tips that you can apply to your daily routine that will help protect your skin as you enter the world of the 20s.  Here are a few that you should know of.

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Wash face

Makeup wipes are convenient for sure but using them all the time is not really a good idea as it can dry your skin up. As much as you would like to skip washing, nothing beats cleaning your face than soap and water. Washing and exfoliating your skin is actually a good idea to keep your skin looking fresh. This is because you are removing the dead skin cells that have accumulated on the surface of your skin. The next time you are trying to remove your makeup, wash your face instead.

Use eye creams

Some people think that eye creams are best reserved when there are lines and wrinkles appearing under your eyes but this is not really true. Using lightweight eye creams when you are in your 20s is one way to prevent premature aging. Since the skin around the eyes are prone to wrinkles, using eye creams can help strengthen them so there will be less signs of aging appearing on this area of your face. If there are dark circles appearing already, use a brightening eye cream to repair the damage.

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Wear sunscreen

Another skin care tip that you should start following at this age is to wear sunscreen every time you step outside your house. Sunscreen with high SPF can create a barrier between your skin and the UV rays being emitted by the sun. This means that your skin will suffer from less damage which can prevent early signs of aging from appearing. It also protects your skin against drying which is a plus when using sunscreen.

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Ease up on exfoliation

Yes, there is an urge to exfoliate as often as possible because the idea of having smooth skin all the time can be quite enticing. Unfortunately, too much scrubbing can lead to dry and damaged skin which is the opposite of what you are trying to do for your skin. Exfoliating twice a week is good for your skin but use less abrasive scrubs and serums since cell turnover is still working well at this age.

Use antioxidant serums

Another tip that you can follow to help protect your skin from early damage is to apply antioxidant serums in the morning. Antioxidants can fight off free radicals as well as damaging particles that are causing wrinkles to appear on your skin. Combine this with your choice of sunscreen and you won’t be worrying about premature aging anytime soon.

Pay attention to your lifestyle

Yes, skin care products can help our skin a lot but you shouldn’t rely on them all the time. Keep in mind that your lifestyle can also affect the quality of your skin. For example, if your diet consists of foods that are high in salt and sugar content, then your skin will most likely break out from time to time. The same thing goes true when you are often stressed or when you are not getting enough sleep. Your skin can take a hit when you don’t take care of your health.

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