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Anti-Aging Checklist for Everyday

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Who doesn’t want to look younger as we age? More and more people are looking for ways to slow down signs of aging. Most of us turn to skin care products that promise youthful skin but sometimes, they are just not enough. Also, there are many factors that we need to take into account such as our eating habits, lifestyle, and even the products that we apply on our skin. If you want to keep signs of aging at bay, having a checklist that you can follow every day can help put you in the right path. Sounds good? Here is the anti-aging checklist to follow.

Consider using fish oil

Our skin can be prone to breakouts and blemishes when it is inflamed. The problem with the food that we are eating today is that they can trigger inflammation from the inside. One way to reduce any possible inflammation that is causing your skin to look dull or raw and red because of pimples on your skin, you should have more fish oil in your diet. You can get this from fish like salmon and tune or you can have fish oil supplements.

Fight off stress

Stress has a huge impact to the quality of your skin. You’ve probably experienced the effects of stress on your own skin which easily breaks out in acne because you’ve been eating foods that are high in sugar and salt content or when your skin starts to produce more oil that clogs your pores. Fighting off stress should definitely be included in your anti-aging checklist because it will have a huge effect on your skin. There are many options for this such as exercise, meditating, and even doing sports for that matter.

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Wear vitamin C

Another factor that you need to include in your checklist is to wear your vitamin C. This antioxidant can actually provide protection on your skin against the sun’s rays because they can speed up the aging process of the skin. Another plus to wearing vitamin C is that it can lighten up dark spots.

Don’t sit all the time

We are all guilty of sitting for hours on end. The problem with this habit is that it can increase your risk of diabetes. However, because of the nature of our work, we will need to spend several hours sitting but the good news is that you can actually insert a bit of work out while you are working. If you are going to stand up, don’t use your hands to push yourself up from your chair but rather use your legs and your core muscles. You can also do some squats every 30 minutes to break the monotony of sitting. Just make sure that you follow proper form when squatting.

Get enough sleep

Another thing to include in your anti-aging checklist is to get enough sleep. You will need 7 to 9 hours of quality sleep because it will reduce your stress levels. Another plus to getting enough sleep is that you will be more alert and you’ll have more focus on your work. Also, you will be able to keep signs of aging at bay too.

Stay connected

This doesn’t mean staying connected to your gadgets but rather the people you love. Take the time to call your friends or family within the week so you will reduce your stress levels. Go out with them too to keep your bond strong. You’ll find that it is easier to slow down aging when you don’t have any stress to worry about.

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