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Tips on How to Go Into Ketosis

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A lot of people are seeing the value of ketosis when it comes to staying fit and healthy which is why they tend to flock to this diet program. In ketosis, the body relies mostly on stored fat for its energy by converting them into compounds referred to as ketones. So you can already imagine how much weight you can lose if you do decide to follow this kind of diet.

For those who are just starting out, you’re probably wondering how to go into a state of ketosis. Well, here are a few tips that you can get started on that will see your body melting fats soon enough.

Increase intake of healthy fat

Don’t make the mistake of avoiding all fats when trying to lose weight because not all fats are harmful to you. However, you need to be vigilant with your choices of fats because there are some that can do you more harm than good. Among the best sources to include in your diet include olive oil, avocado oil, butter, and coconut oil. These oils are not heavily processed and come with plenty of health benefits too.

Reduce carb intake

The cells in our bodies often use glucose or sugar as the main source of fuel for your body. But you need to keep in mind that there are other sources of fuel too like the fatty acids or ketones. Since carbohydrates are sources of glucose, reducing your intake of carbs minimizes your store of glycogen which causes your body to turn to your store of fats instead. This actually helps you lose weight faster.

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Workout some more

Exercising plays a huge role when it comes to ketosis and your weight loss needs. The more you workout the better it will be for you to burn more fats which is important in bring your weight down. The combination of ketosis and exercise can see a dramatic decrease in your weight without causing harm to you.

Coconut oil can help

Another thing that you should add to your diet to help you go into ketosis is to have coconut oil. The MCTs present in coconut oil can be absorbed and taken into the liver immediately to provide you with energy or get converted into ketones. You can start with a teaspoon per day then increase it slowly until you are having two to three tablespoons of it daily in a week.

Eat a balanced level of protein

Lowering your carb intake is all well and good but you also need to consider your protein intake if you want to enter ketosis. If you think that eating plenty of protein is good for you, think again. To enter ketosis, there should be a balance of fats, salts, protein, magnesium, and others in your system. Although eating more protein while reducing your carb intake can help you feel better overall, aiming for balance is considerably better for your body to enter the state of ketosis.

Go into a short fast

Another trick to enter ketosis is to go into a short fast or fat fast. Short fast can be something simple as not eating for several hours. As a matter of fact, our body goes into a mild ketosis from the time we eat dinner and until we eat breakfast. Intermittent fasting can also help the body to go into ketosis. 

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Going into a ketosis can give our metabolism its much needed pick me up. Ketosis helps our body to burn fats faster to fuel our body for the entire day. Starting with these steps, you will help your body ditch the excess fats that layer our body so that we will see an improvement to our weight in no time.

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