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Essential Oils for Your Everyday Hair Care

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Our hair is part of what makes us beautiful which is why we often hard pressed to find the right products to use on our mane. Often times we end up with shampoos and conditioners that are a bit harsh to our hair and scalp that we experience itching, and in some cases, too much hair fall. Fortunately, there are safer alternatives for us to try when it comes to hair care and these are in the form of essential oils. Here are some examples of essential oils that will do your hair some good.

Chamomile oil

If you want to lighten your hair color, you can use chamomile oil to get the results you need. This particular oil not only makes your hair color lighter with constant use but it can also help make your hair strands soft and shiny. Another plus to using this essential oil is that it can nourish your scalp so that your hair will become stronger and longer too.

Rosemary oil

Another essential oil that proves to be useful to your hair care routine is rosemary oil. Studies have shown that the rosemary oil contains antimicrobial properties which can help treat hair problems like dandruff as well as other scalp issues that you may be having. You can also use this oil to address alopecia areata.

Clary sage oil

You can also use calry sage oil if you want to speed up your hair growth as it is known to help stimulate the scalp. This is actually a good remedy to use if you want to treat hair loss that is triggered by stress. Mix it with jojoba oil if you like before massaging on your hair and scalp to get the best results.

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Peppermint oil

Peppermint oil has several benefits to offer your hair and scalp starting with its having antimicrobial properties that can treat dandruff and other hair issues that you might be having. What else can this essential oil do for you? It can stimulate your scalp so that it will help your hair to grow longer faster than before. However, keep in mind that peppermint contains menthol making it more concentrated compared to other essential oils so you need to dilute it first with jojoba oil or other carrier oils before applying on your head.

Cedarwood oil

If your thinning hair is troubling you, you might want to use cedarwood oil to help stimulate your scalp to promote hair growth. Another plus to using cedarwood oil is that it can help repel those pesky insects when you’re outdoors. This is definitely a nice addition to your list of hair care solutions.

Orange oil

Orange essential oil’s scent and its cleansing properties makes it a useful hair care solution to those who want to get rid of any product build up on their scalp. Also, this essential oil has antibacterial and antifungal properties which can help treat various hair and scalp disorders so you will have beautiful, shiny, and good smelling hair all the time.

Sandalwood oil

Dry ends? This can be a precursor to split ends if you don’t treat it immediately. Fortunately, sandalwood oil can help you with this as it can help bring back moisture to your hair strands.  What’s more, it gives your hair that earthy scent and it even improves your mood too. 

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These are just a few examples of essential oils that can help you maintain that gorgeous looking hair of yours. The best part is that they are all safe to use so feel free to try them out depending on your hair care needs.


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