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Tricks to Get Dewy and Flawless Skin

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During Winter If you can think of the most perfect and flawless skin you can imagine, what would it look like? Most people tend to imagine the dewy and golden summer skin. Summer dewy skin looks naturally moisturized, luminous and healthy. Though, this can be a bit of a problem during the cold seasons. During the summer, our skin naturally becomes glowing and bronzed due to the weather. The cold seasons zap away the moisture in our skin and makes it appear dry and flaky. It’s possible to get dewy and flawless skin though. You can always do preventive measures to get flawless skin, get professional treatment or learn the ways to fake it. Yes, it is possible to fake dewy summer skin during the winter, but it’s still best to take care of your skin first.

Learn about the trick of the trade to getting yourself dewy, flawless skin these winters with these tips below.

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Shimmery Highlight

During the cold season we lose most of the moisture from our skin due to the low temperature and lack of humidity. The skin tends to look dry even when properly moisturized, especially when you tend to spend a lot of time in dry and concealed rooms. You can instantly get you glowing and radiant skin back with a little help from shimmery highlight. Pick a highlighter that can imitate light and not make your skin look oily. Apply a few dabs of shimmery highlighter on your brow bone, Cupid’s bow, cheekbones and a little to your forehead to give that dewy and brightening effect.

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BB or CC Creams

BB or CC creams are a mix of different moisturizing ingredient and foundation that can give your skin a dewy finish. If you don’t have BB or CC creams at home, you can always make a makeshift one. Add one fourth moisturizer to foundation and mix it well. Try it on your skin and if you prefer to add more moisturizer do so, but this can lessen the foundation’s coverage. Use these moisturizing foundations on your skin after applying your regular skin care product. After over-all application, press your hand gently all over your face to help with absorption.

Shimmery Eye Shadow

Match your shimmery highlight with some shimmery eye shadow. Add some glow and dew to your eyes and make it pop. You can use different colored eyeshadow, but use a neutral or silver eyeshadow in the middle of your eyelid, near your tear duct and close to your outer corner. You can use shimmery eyeshadow on your body too. Create a dewy and flawless appearance by placing some shimmer powder on your collar bone, chest area, wrist, legs and outer arm. Make sure to blend everything to prevent obvious harsh lines. You can also use bronzing powder to add that warm summer glow.

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Cream Blush

Using powder blush can make the skin look dry and cakey. Cream blushes can give that dewy and realistic glow. Cream blushes are also great for giving the skin that natural looking rosy glow that looks great in pale skin, especially during the winter. Cream brushes are easy to blend into the skin, making it the best choice for winter.

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Hydrating Mist

You can give your skin a needed hydration by using a water or hydrating mist. Place one in your bag and spritz on every few hours. This can make your skin look glowing and dewy. This will also help keep your makeup from looking too powdery and dry. You can create your own hydrating mist by using rose water.

Exfoliate Your Skin

Make your skin look fresh and young by exfoliating once or twice a week during winter. Our skin will dry out and become flaky due to the weather, making it more important to remove dead skin cells. Using different types of exfoliating methods such as sugar scrubs, scrubbing beads and so on. Just make sure to heavily moisturize your skin after you exfoliate. Remember these tips when the cold months start to arrive. Dewy and flawless skin isn’t reserved for the summer season alone. Get that glowing and radiant glow all year long with these tips. Share with us your experience with these tips and tell us about your personal dewy skin tips! Source: <https://www.wellnessbin.com//www.cosmopolitan.com/style-beauty/beauty/a43345/ways-to-fake-dewy-skin/><https://www.wellnessbin.com//www.popsugar.com/beauty/Makeup-Tricks-Dewy-Skin-26074395>

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