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Get to Know Your Hair Brushes

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You’re probably wondering why there are so many brushes being sold in many beauty shops. For sure, you’re happy with your regular comb but if you value your hair, it pays to know which one to use depending on your hair type and hair style that you have. You might feel overwhelmed with the choices but knowing how they work will give you a much better idea on which one to buy.

So for those who want to know their brushes, this guide is for you.

Rat-tail Comb. Do you want to know the secret to parting your hair perfectly? Then use a rat-tail comb. The pointed end of the comb makes it easier for you to part your hair any way you like. Also, the thin teeth of the comb can help smooth any strands down in your crown so you will have a clean looking part on your hair just the way you like.

Paddle Brush. The paddle brush is perfect for detangling your hair especially while it is still damp. Another plus to using this brush is that it can help stimulate your scalp where more blood will flow in this area that can help make your hair grow better and healthier too.

Wet Brush. Women with thin hair will find this brush safe for them to use as the flexible bristles can remove tangles without damaging the hair. You’ll find that the fine bristles of the wet brush will glide easily on your thin hair while detangling the knots. You should also take note that the padded cushion allows the brush to move easily on your scalp for less damage.

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Purse Size Paddle Brush. If you only need to bring one brush with you to school or in your workplace, the purse size paddle brush will be your friend. It’s size allows you to bring it with you in your purse so you will be able to give your hair added volume when needed. There is no need for you to worry about tangles or dull, lifeless hair when you have this brush with you.

Styling Brush. Believe it or not, curly haired women can also brush their hair as long as they use the right kind of brush which, in this case, is the styling brush. What’s great about this specific brush is that it has moveable bristles that will not tangle in your curls. It is also useful when it comes to detangling the knots on your hair after you apply some leave-on conditioner. If you are going to look carefully at the design of the brush, you will see that the bristles are wide allowing your curls to clump together naturally.

Medium Diagonal Bristle. For those who want to add waves to their hair, this brush is the right one for you. Rolling the brush as you apply heat to your hair can help create soft waves or even put emphasis on your layered hairstyle. What’s great about this brush is that it can add more volume to your hair.

Detangling Brush. As the name suggests, this brush is good for detangling your hair with its wide teeth and plastic design. Just make sure that you use it only on dry hair as the teeth are hard and can break your hair strands when using it on wet hair.

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 These are just a few options for you to consider when looking for a brush for your hair. There are several others out there but these are worth looking into especially when you have thin, curly, or straight hair. Finding the right brush for you will make it a joy to style and care for your hair for sure.

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