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Makeup Tricks to Make Small Eyes Appear Bigger

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There is no denying that having bigger eyes can change your appearance significantly. With your eyes looking bigger, you will look that you are wide awake which can actually make you appear younger too. There is nothing wrong with having small eyes or having different sizes and shapes, it’s just that bigger eyes can take years off your face for sure. The good news is that there are several tricks that you can do to make your eyes appear larger without having to resort to surgery. If you want to give your eyes the illusion of being bigger than usual, these tricks are for you.

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Pay attention to your eyebrows

Who would have thought that your eyebrows can have a huge effect to your overall look? Make sure that you trim your eyebrows regularly so that they will be in good shape as it helps make your eyes look bigger. Have a professional do it for you if you haven’t gotten the hang of shaping your eyebrows properly.

Give dimension to your crease

Another trick that you can use to make your eyes appear bigger is to give some dimension to the crease of your eyes. Go for matte, soft rose, or even warm brown tones to make your eyes become bigger. Try to apply some on three-fourths of your outer eyes to get the desired effect.

Reduce puffiness

Puffy eyes can make you look older than your years plus it will make your already small eyes even smaller. With that being said, you need to find a way to reduce the puffiness around your eyes so you will create the illusion that your eyes appear bigger. You can start by applying some cucumber slices on your eyes for a few minutes or chill some used tea bags in the fridge before placing them over closed lids.

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Swipe some shimmer on the inner corners

Another makeup trick that will make your eyes appear bigger is to apply some shimmer on the inner corners of your eyes. This way, the shimmer will be able to catch the light which makes your eyes appear bigger. Don’t go too heavy on your eye shimmer as this can backfire.

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Concealer works

Dark circles may not make your eyes appear smaller but they can still catch other people’s attention. So instead of walking around looking like a panda, use a concealer that is one shade lighter than the foundation that you are using. A color corrector can also work perfectly to make the dark circles fade in the background so your eyes will look better than before.

Use eye liner in flesh tone

What else can you do to make your eyes pop? Try applying flesh-toned eye liner on the inner rim of the lower lid to make the whites of your eyes appear big. You can use white eye liner too if you like but the flesh-toned ones will look more natural.

Choose light neutral eye shadows

Another makeup trick that will make your eyes appear bigger is to go for neutral tones when it comes to your eyeshadow. Just make sure that you adhere to contouring rules where light colors must be applied on areas where you want light to bounce. The darker shades are perfect on areas that you want to hide. In this case, the light colors should be applied on the center of your eyelids to help make your eyes appear bigger. 

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These are just a few makeup tricks that are known to help your eyes appear bigger. The best thing about these tricks is that they are easy to use and you don’t even have to pay much to make your eyes look more open.

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