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How Walking on the Beach is Good for your Health!

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The beach the best place to sit back and relax. It’s the perfect destination for those who fancy taking long walks with friends and loved ones. But did you know that aside from all the recreational activities and downtime that you can enjoy at the beach, you can also reap health benefits simply by walking on the sand?

Walking barefoot on the beach, or “earthing” has been proven to be an extremely beneficial practice to wellness. Research suggest that earthing, an activity which was once dubbed as a counter-culture trend, serves many health advantages, such as significant reduction of inflammation, improved sleep, and increased antioxidant levels in the body.

So why should you walk barefoot?

According to the Journal of Environmental and Public Health, their studies reveal that the drawing of electrons from the earth as a result of walking barefoot has positive impacts to health and wellness. In one experiment conducted, patients who suffer from chronic pain experience relief when they stared using carbon fiber mattresses for sleeping.

Other health advantages of earthing include:

– positive change in the brain’s electrical activity

– improve the skin’s conductivity

– proper regulation of heart rate variability

– moderated glucose production

– lower stress levels

– immune system boost

Earthing can now be added as an attractive option for when you have beach holidays with family and friends. For one, walking barefoot improves blood circulation. Women, who are particularly susceptible of developing varicose veins will highly benefit from walking on the beach even for a few minutes.

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Yet another impressive finding by The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine provides us with the information that earthing can actually improve the surface of red blood cells. As there is improvement on these surfaces, the red blood cells are less likely to clump, thus decreasing blood viscosity quality. Bear in mind that the blood viscosity feature is a major feature that is negatively affected when one is suffering from heart diseases.

Another study suggests that earthing helps in regulating the nervous system and the endocrine system.

Apart from the studies conducted by different scientific institutions, here are other benefits of walking barefoot that you will most assuredly appreciate:

– Walking on water

If you want a fun and relaxing way to work out your legs and buttocks, walk on the beach. Make sure to walk towards the beach until the water reaches your thigh region. At this depth, you are effectively raising your legs with each stride. You will surely strengthen your lower body, most especially your legs as well as your buttocks.

– Soles massage

Brisk walking on the beach delivers the added benefit of having your soles massaged, which in turn activates both lymphatic and venous circulation. If you walk right at the water’s edge, the waves that hit against your lower leg massages not only your soles, but also your ankles, thus making this activity a truly fitness-centered experience.

– The magic of minerals

Seawater contains high levels of minerals, namely iodine and sodium- both of which prevent slow down the aging process. These minerals also deliver a relaxing sensation to the skin.

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-All-natural exfoliation

The friction between the sand and the soles of your feel exfoliates and removes dead skin cells. Walking on barefoot will effectively exfoliate your lower leg and feet. You will feel that your feet is softer and smoother in no time.

Tips when walking barefoot at the beach:

– Move your hands accordingly when walking to increase stability and avoid swelling

– Try not to time your walks on the beach mid day. The sun is at its highest during the afternoon, thus you are more prone to sunburn
and heat stroke. The perfect times to walk barefoot on the beach are during sunrise or sunset.

– Have someone accompany you when you’re walking at the beach. Encourage other people to walk with you so they can reap the same health advantages you do.

– Never forget to apply sunscreen before you start walking at the beach. Remember to bring a bottle of water and wear a hat to protect your eyes as well as your face from burning under the sun. Reapply the sunscreen if you plan on extending your walks.

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