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Simple Ways to Make Doing Your Hair Incredibly Easy

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Styling your hair can take a long time to perfect and finish. Easy and quick tricks to style your hair can save you a morning or rushing out the door. Most of us don’t have the liberty to have our own hair styling and makeup team at home, nor do we have the liberty to style our hair for an hour. Yet, we can’t simply walk out the door with bed hair or dripping wet hair. We need to look professional and put together to be taken seriously.

There are simple and proven hairstyles that can make you look classy and professional. There are easy hairstyles that can be done in a few minutes that would look good in most situations. There are the simple high bun, silky straight, neat ponytail and more. Adding in some hair accessories can help change the look from going to the groceries to watching the orchestra. Although these hairstyles are already quick and easy to do, some good tips and tricks to make hair styling easier would do wonders.

We’ve compiled below some amazing and easy tips and tricks to help you create amazing hairstyles every time. Read below to know more.

Bobby Pins

When you have smooth and soft hair Bobby pins don’t tend to not stick as much as it should. You can fix this by putting the wavy side of the Bobby against your head. You can also apply mousse or hair spray on the Bobby pin. Take a dish towel and place all your Bobby pins in it. Spray it directly on the pin or massage the mousse on it. Take the dish towel and shake it. This will distribute the product evenly on the product. The spray will make the pin adhere more to the hair.

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Hiding Bobby pins can be a struggle for some. A quick tip to hiding pins is to place the pin against the direction if the hairstyle or hair’s direction. Braid your hair and tie the ends with a knot, secure it with a Bobby pin by taking the end of the knot and placing the Bobby pin inside the hair towards the head.

No Heat Curl

You can curl your hair by twisting it before you go to sleep. Twist the hair into small buns or big buns, depending on how you want your curls to appear. Small one inch twist buns will create beach waves or small curls. Big sections of buns will create volume and big soft curls.

Braiding your hair before you sleep can create waves and texture to hair. A bigger section of braids will create softer waves and smaller ones will make the hair look like it used a crimper.

Silky Straight Hair

If you have very straight hair, you know the struggles of curling your hair and having it go limp just after a few hours. You can fix this by applying hair spray or mousse before curling the hair. You can also use salt based hair products, this product will remove some of the moisture in the hair, making it easier to curler and it stays curled longer. Another way you can curl your hair is to wrap it in your fingers and wrap it with foil. Press the foil using a flat iron and leave it on until all the hair has been pressed. When curling your hair you can also pin it against your head as soon as you curl it. This will make the curl last longer, you can also spray on Hairspray all over before setting the curls down.

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Ponytails are one of the easiest and quickest hairstyles you can create. It can work for any occasion, it can be fun, professional and romantic.

When making pony tails professional, it looks best when it is silky smooth. Just tie your ponytail after you curled your hair and smooth it out with a smoothing brush. You can keep the phony looking smooth by spraying Hairspray directly on the smoothing brush before using it. This will keep flyway and baby hair from sticking out. Sometimes there are bumps in your hair after tying it or tightening it. You can fix this by taking a Bobby pin and placing it under the bump and pulling it towards the pony tail. This will smoothen out the bump.

Hair Hacks

Apply eyeshadow that is the same color as your hair and apply it on the parting of the hair. This will make your hair appear thicker. You can also do this near hair line to hide receding hairline.

Create your own salt seltzer spray by mixing a teaspoon of salt and 20 ounces of water in a spray bottle and mix before using.

These super easy tips can help you get your hairstyles on point every time. Make use of the thousands of hair products on the market, these products can help cut down your hair styling time in half and can make hairdos last longer. Also, don’t forget to treat your hair from time to time. Like us, our hair works hard, it needs pampering too. Use these tips the next time you’re in a hairstyling pinch. Share this with your friends and share with us other tricks we might have missed!

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