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Prevent and Treat Bunions

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What exactly is a bunion and what causes it? To make it simple, it is a deformity of the great toe. This is not a form of bone growth, but a condition where the bone deviates from its normal position due to pressure. This pressure can be caused by wearing the wrong shoes, shoes that cause abnormal pressure on the inner part of the foot near the big toe. This pressure then causes your bone to form in an abnormal direction. Bunions appear like a growing bone near your toe and can at times look unpleasant, especially when wearing sandals or slippers. When you start to notice a small bump near this area, then it is best to do prevent measures as soon as possible. If you already have them,
find out different ways that you can do to improve its appearance and help reduce the negative symptoms. Bunions are not only a problem aesthetically, but also to your health. This can cause pain in your foot and leg that when left untreated can make the area swollen.



Is your family prone to bunions? Is one of your close relatives suffer from it? If yes, then it is highly important to perform preventive measure even if you don’t have any symptoms yet. Bunions can run in the family, though it does not affect everybody. It is still safe to perform prevention. This can save you a lot of heartache and pain in the future. If your family is prone to bunions, pay attention to your footwear since this place a huge role when it comes to preventing your bunions. Never buy shoes that cause too
much pressure on the big toe joint or buy ill-fitting shoes.

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Women are more prone to bunions than men, especially when we get older. Are our
stilettos or high heels actually causing this problem? The answer really depends on the fit of the shoes. Even wearing flats can cause bunions. As long as there is the unwanted pressure around the joint, then this will cause bunions. There are certain stilettos that are created that adds no pressure to this area. So, if you already are seeing signs of bunions, make sure that your shoes are comfortable and fit your feet perfectly.


Consult your podiatrist about your bunions, some people can tolerate bunions. There are also people that will develop severe pain from bunions in the long run. If you suffer from any joint pain or arthritis, it is important to go to your podiatrist. They can advise you with the proper treatment and prevention to avoid pain in the future.

Maintaining A Normal Weight

Since the joint in the big toe carries most of our weight when we walk, it’s best not to add more weight to it. People that are overweight experience a tad bit more painful with
bunions that those who are in their normal weight. We want to relieve pressure from this area, so losing a few pounds can greatly improve your joint.


There are special messages that can help target bunions. Performing these massages everyday can help improve the flexibility of your joints, reducing any pain and its appearance. Massage this area with these different methods.

– Place your palm facing your sole of your feet. Insert your fingers in the middle of your toes as far as you can. Cup your palm and finger as if holding hands. Move your hand back and forth to stretch out this area.

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– Place your thumb on the sole of your feet near the inner part of your big toe joint. This is in-between you big toe joint and 2ndtoe. Add light pressure and move upward near the toe. Once you reach your toe, move your thumb to the side until it reaches your little toe. Repeat for about a minute.


Taping your bunion can be one of the best and most effective way to prevent your bunion. Go to a professional and ask them to teach you the proper way of taping since doing it on your own can be difficult.

Whether you want to wear sandals or go to the beach barefoot.
Your bump Hallux valgus or bunion can be inhibiting. Thankfully, when prevented early on you can avoid unpleasant looking bunions and expensive surgery. The joint in our big toe is important to keep our balance and is used to carry a lot of our body weight. This can cause severe pain to people that have bunions. If the pain is too much that it is
inhibiting your movement, it is time to go to the doctor and seek professional help.

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