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Prevent and Fix Split End

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Products that removes split ends without cutting are usually temporary. It may delay the damage, but it cannot remove the problem permanently. Imagine placing a tape over a c
rack, through the year the tape will break down and you’ll notice that the crack is still there. The only way to get rid of the crack is to remove it and place something new. Cutting your hair is the only way to remove split ends, but there is numerous way to prevent getting them again. This time you can grow smooth and healthy hair from roots to end. Let’s discuss the different things that affect split ends and tips we can do to fix them

Finding The Culprit

First things first, let us identify the cause of your split ends. There are different factors that can cause split ends. From Aggressive brushing to damage hair. What you do every day can cause and aggravate your spilt ends. There are habits that you need to avoid and habits that you need to change to prevent split ends. Using heating tools is a sure fire way to remove protein in the hair. This then makes you more susceptible to split ends. You can prevent this by lowering your heat settings or always use heat protectant. Aggressive brushing or rubbing can be one of the culprits. When you brush your hair like you hate it, then expect to have split ends. Always start from the ends of your hair before the roots. This will prevent any serious abrasion that can cause damage and split ends. Another common mistake we make is rubbing the hair with a towel to dry it. Not only will this cause frizzy hair, this can also lead to split ends. You can prevent this by squeezing your hair or patting it dry. Damage hair due to hair coloring, perming or any chemical processing can lead to split ends. You can’t really prevent this, so it’s important to get a regular trim if you regularly process your hair. Sun damage can also lead to split ends, when going outside try to wear a hat or prevent standing in the heat for a long period of time.

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Go Pro

Get Professional help. There are now certain treatments in salons that can repair split ends without cutting them off. The Brazilian blowout was designed to seal and med broken hair fibers using healing amino acids. It’s a quick and easy service that you can consistently do. The treatment can last up to a month and would need tuning after that, but this is worth the money if you don’t really want to cut your hair.

Get The Right Brush

Your choice of hair brush can be affecting your hair health. Some brushes are made with material that are not compatible with the hair’s structure. You can prevent damage caused by your brush by investing and doing research on brushes. Natural boar brushes are ideal for styling hair. The brush us made of flexible material that can prevent tugging, knots and abrasion. The porous nature of the bristles also keeps the protective oil of the hair and brushing can help distribute this oil. This will reduce dry hair and split ends. This type of brushes can also give your hair its natural shine. Natural boar brushes come in
different shapes and sizes making it perfect for any hair style and type.

Go with Air Drying

If you have the chance to air dry your hair instead of using heat, then go with that every time. This can save your hair a lot of damage. The moisture and natural oils remain in
the hair and is absorb better when it is air dried. If you really have to dry your hair quickly, blow dry your hair but keep it away directly from your hair for about a foot.

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Cold Showers

Cold showers are not only great for the skin, but also the hair. When the hair is splashed with cold water, the cuticles lie flat. This will reduce frizz and keep the moisture on
the hair. You can start of you shower with lukewarm water and blasting it with cold water before leaving the shower. This can prevent split ends that are caused by dry hair.

Nothing really beats a regular trim when it comes to removing split ends. If your split end is over powering your hair, then it’s time to get them trim and learn to prevent it from happening again. It’s really unavoidable to get a few split ends, so don’t worry that you still have them even after following this steps. Our hair strands are different from one another. One can be more damage than the other causing split ends.

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