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10 Fun and Healthy Examples to Snack Healthily

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Food is such a touchy subject because people are fragile especially when it comes to their weight. This warped self-perspective is fuelled by insecurity and probably a big dollop of laziness as well. Packing on the pounds is directly and indirectly an emotional response, yes that’s right it is scary isn’t it? A lack of self-esteem, lack of diet education which is extremely important to have and stressing yourself out too much all contribute to weight gain. An unhealthy amount of stress sends your body into panic mode and makes it cling onto calories and makes you crave fatty and sugary things. Stress weight and happy weight are real different things, one of them is harder to lose and contains more harmful fat around the organs- guess which one.

It is even more evident all around us, our media and pop culture that healthy, organic and active living became “trendy,” or people realized that living the way we should is actually a cool thing.It’s a great time to get fit and active and to just get really into health and food because many old school diet and food theories are wiped and trashed. We now all know that what’s important is that we eat to be full but not stuffed and of course nourished. Seek balance, seek what your body needs, less is not more- less is downright denial and malnourishment. If you skip meals or eat too little you will ruin your body and slow down its metabolism in the long run which will make you very prone to sudden weight gain and sudden naughty cravings. When you are stressing your body out like this you let insecurity and/or laziness or some sort of self-misconception that you have to eat so little fuel your mind. Your state of mind will become unhealthier this way, warped, this causes a lot of people to binge or get acidic stomachs and in their weakened emotional state go for half a pack of cookies or an extra serving of 6 more pieces of ribs with extra butter.

Your stomach and the rest of your digestive system will perform smoothly, cleanly and strongly if you not only eat balanced meals but eat 3-5x a day. Your body will digest food faster this way and it makes sense, like how you would care for machines and engines. Eat more good and you’ll eat far less bad. The option of not eating is just as bad because it leads to a weaker body and mind and leads to bad food decisions.

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Now that I’m done whipping you wonderful people a bit, here is a quick list showing 10 examples of the many, many healthy snack options you can fill up on to give the proper boost of energy for all day.Remember not to deprive yourself and try to be active at least 20 minutes a day. It is not usually very normal for a human body to take in very, very clean nearly oil-free foods. We all need healthy fats and bits of indulgence.

1.) Popcorn

This list assumes that you will go for the homemade version of thee snacks because store bought can be a completely different story. Popping popcorn yourself from the naked seed let’s you adjust the amount of fat, salt and flavour. Plain air-popped popcorn is a wee 30 calories a cup, though in the pan with a healthy fat is fine too and more interesting in my opinion. Switch to sea salt, Kosher and natural rock salts instead of iodized. Healthier salts are tastier and not abrasively salty, making popcorn instead of buying it would probably cut down your calories by 200-300. You can still add a bit of butter for that classic popcorn taste and aroma as long as your dominant oil is something like olive, coconut or grapeseed.

2.) Vegetable Chips

Yes you smug know-it-all, I know potato is a vegetable but it sure as hell doesn’t like well-behaved one. Sweet potatoes are a fantastic alternative and still have that potato-y texture. They can be fried in coconut oil, grape seed oil or a shallow amount of canola oil. Baking vegetable with a drizzle of oil on top is even healthier and lighter. Kale is also delicious and vibrant when fried properly. Make sure your oil is not too hot, medium-high with a watching eye. Eggplant is delicious as a chip that is not too dry, have you ever accidentally overcooked some eggplant pieces and realized they were still delicious? Try zucchini in the mix too! Endless possibilities, you might even forget about regular potato chips for a while.

3. Hummus, Chickpea Salad Dips, Bean Salad Dips

Hummus is a healthier and more complete flavour to spread on celery instead of peanut butter if you are not in the mood for hot flat breads. Mustard greens are great too and are more peppery when they are older. If you don’t like celery because you think it’s soapy, mustard greens are also an interesting vehicle for hummus. Crunchy iceberg, romaine or whatever lettuce leaf of your choice is more neutral in flavour, cabbage is great too. When the chickpeas are left whole they look so nice in a quick chickpea salad/dip of just olive oil, seasoning, spices like cumin and paprika, garlic, lemon and cilantro and/or spring onions. This applies to the hummus and beans as well, take note that the lemon is very important for it is the key to balance. Chickpeas and beans are a great digestive aid and energy source.

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4. Raw Crunchy Veggies Dipped in Interesting Stuff

The dips for raw veggie sticks are encouraged to be raw as much as possible and to take it easy or omit butter all in all. Baby carrots are so high B Vitamins, calcium, folate, phosphorous and magnesium and are sweeter than adult carrots. Cucumber sticks are a classic element in the mix too, cucumbers always sound boring until you eat a fresh, juicy one. There are many ways to make flavourful, light dips from common household ingredients like mustard, hot sauces, peppers and other spices, healthy oils, limited amount of mayonnaise if you really can’t help yourself, preserved fruits and vegetables, light soy, fresh garlic or ginger, endless I tell you. So many interesting ways to eat healthy and you’ll still go for instant ramen?

5. Going for a Fish Taco Instead of a Burger

Burgers from the outside are unpredictable and you’ll never fully know how much preservatives, fillers and kinds of fat they put in. Making a burger at home is much better for you and can be more delicious but the richness of that beef can have more cholesterol than pork, so a burger is not a good idea either way if you have to temporarily cut down. Tacos look like a lot but are lighter than you’d expect and are far easier to digest. If they are made properly and are not overstuffed, their flavour is so balanced and fresh yet still has some richness from the filling and spice from a salsa. Veggie tacos are delicious too especially slapped on with lots of avocado. But if you want some heaviness while keeping clean, fish or chicken is the way to go. Going vegetarian or pescetarian for one or a few days at a time is a great, foolproof way to detox and keeps one fit and cut without losing muscle. Corn flour or masa tortillas are so fibrous and incredibly tasty, but be careful with the amount of lard.

6. Don’t Go for Low-Fat Dairy, Go Full Fat, Quality, Fresh

Don’t kid yourself or believe these labels. Why mess with a good thing? You are fat because of your choices, don’t blame it on good sacred food. Dairy is meant to have fat, just watch your portions. Milk and yogurt tastes and nourishes better when they are not tampered with diet propaganda. Milk is great for building muscle and just nice to have in the diet but yogurt is even healthier and goes savory or sweet. Topped on mouth-watering, spicy curries or served with berries and fruits is up to you.

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7. Singular Whole Fruits

The classic apple serves enough sugar, plant nutrients, vitamin C, B vitamins and lots of minerals at 70-100 calories depending on the size. Fuji apples are sweet and juicy and are an interesting alternative to the Washington. Check your grocery and see what’s in season, bananas, oranges and apples can be a bore
but maybe dragon fruit, kiwi or a type of melon could be your next replacement for candy.

8. The World of Nuts

Just 12-15 almonds have almost 100 calories and are packed with protein and fiber, hunger-busting nutrients. Be very careful with portions though, these can also make you gain weight if you don’t exercise enough.They also have biotin, healthy fat and lots of other minerals. They can help prevent constipation but leafy greens and stuff like squash, sweet potato, chilis and okra are still best for that. Soaked in enough water you can also create nut milks which are full on creamy. Cashews are quite an exception along with macadamia because their fat content is incredible.

9. Cheese with Fruits or Wheat Bread

Cheese is nearly a complete meal, add fruits, vegetables, fresh meat whatever you like that will cut the cheese’s salty richness. Cheese in recent studies have been proven to aid in weight loss, it is packed with a wide selection of minerals, calcium and protein. Cheese and fruit can be addictive, a slapping of the taste buds from salty to sweet, from preserved and unctuous to fresh and juicy.

10. Soy Products for Women

Or not. Take precaution if you are a male for soy bean is loaded with oestrogen. Too much of this female hormone in men will affect your fertility levels in a way you won’t like and can cause you to be overly emotional and sensitive and less interested in adrenaline-fueled ways of thinking or doing. Tofu, soy milk or just salted edamame. Soy beans are high in vitamins, fiber and incredibly high carbohydrates and protein. Going for edamame is pretty much having a protein shake.

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