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Habits That are Bad for Your Pores

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Your pores are your friends because they allow the protective oils produced by your sebaceous glands to reach the topmost surface of your skin. However, your pores can be your worst enemies if you fail to treat them nicely. Below you will come across some common habits that are harming your pores.

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There are many different beauty problems that can strike if you do not take good care of your pores. These tiny openings in your skin can easily get clogged up by dirt, grime and excess dead skin cells. When this happens, it’s not unlikely for your pores to appear larger. You may also end up with blackheads.

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At times your pores may get infected and inflamed, causing them to give birth to pimples and acne. And even if those blemishes clear up, there is always this possibility that permanent scars will appear.

Obviously, there are simply lots and lots of cosmetic issues that you may encounter if you do not give the kind of care and attention your pores greatly need. If you don’t want them ruining your appearance and self-confidence, ditch the following habits that are proven to wreak havoc to your pores:

Cigarette Smoking

Everyone knows that smoking cigarettes is a habit that’s bad for the lungs and heart. Are you aware that it’s something that can have an impact on your pores, too?

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According to skin experts, toxins in cigarettes can impede proper blood circulation to the skin, and this can speed up the formation of dead skin cells. When that happens, your complexion can become dull, and your pores can get clogged! If you want to look beautiful and also stay healthy, consider ditching cigarette smoking.

Sleeping on Dirty Bed Linens

Do you apply all sorts of serums on your face every night just to stay looking fantastic? It’s also a great idea for you to wash your bed linens at least once a week, preferably with a mild and organic detergent.

That’s because dirty pillowcases and sheets can introduce dust and dirt into your pores, which is something that can cause clogging. You don’t want that to happen because that’s how blackheads, pimples and acne usually start. If you are very prone to all sorts of pore-related issues, try to change your bed linens more than once a week.

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Constantly Touching Your Face

It’s okay to touch your face when taking selfies. But when the camera of your phone is not pointed at you, refrain from doing it. Otherwise, your grimy fingers can only leave your pores clogged and infected.

Are you prone to pimples and acne? Then make sure that you opt for hairstyles that keep your tresses away from your face. Your hair strands can easily collect dirt and grime, which can end up inside your pores without trouble. If you cannot opt for a hairstyle that keeps your mane out of your face, wash your hair often.

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Failure to Exfoliate

About once or twice a week, you should spend a few minutes of your time to exfoliating your face. Doing this helps remove excess dead skin cells as well as impurities in the pores. As a result of exfoliating regularly, your complexion will look radiant and your pores will appear smaller.

Other than those exfoliating agents available on the market, you may also simply opt for homemade ones such as brown sugar or baking soda combined with a little olive, coconut or almond oil.

Getting Too Much Sun

Finally, you should also keep your skin from being touched by the sun excessively if you want no pore-related problems to bug you. You see, too much sun can damage and dry up your skin, and this will prompt your sebaceous glands to work extra hard. When this happens, there’s this huge possibility that your pores will end up clogged.

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Too much sun can also leave your pores enlarged, making them highly susceptible to ending up clogged and infected. Make sure that you apply sunscreen when heading out, in particular one that’s compatible with your skin.

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