Reasons for You to Drink Tiger Nut Milk

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If you’re allergic to nuts, don’t stop reading now — tiger nut milk is not from nuts despite of what it’s called. This means that you can drink this non-dairy alternative to cow’s milk to your heart’s content without fearing for your life.

Read on to know some of the most important things you need to know about tiger nut milk, like where it comes from and what its health benefits are. After checking out this article, share it on your different social media accounts to also have your family and friends introduced to it.

Tiger nut milk actually comes from tubers having the same name and certainly not nuts, although sometimes tiger nuts are also referred to as earth almond. However, they are called that way only because of their nutritional profile which is kind of similar to almonds — both tiger nuts and almonds are rich in fat that reduces inflammation.

While it’s true that tiger nut milk is not as popular as soy milk, coconut milk, rice milk, oat milk, almond milk and other non-dairy milk, it won’t take long before tiger nut milk takes the world by storm, too.

Nowadays, a lot of supermarkets and convenience stores carry tiger nut milk in small PET bottles. Most of them come in a variety of flavors, from chocolate to strawberry. It is a good idea for you to opt for plain tiger nut milk to save yourself from consuming unnecessary ingredients like sugar and artificial flavorings and preservatives.

Here are some of the reasons why you should give tiger nut milk a try:

It Helps Improve Digestion

Since tiger nut milk is sourced from tubers, it doesn’t come as a shock why it is a rich source of fiber. It’s for this reason why consuming it can help in optimizing the process of digestion. In addition, the fiber content of tiger nut milk assists in the removal of the contents of the colon, thus helping to prevent constipation effectively.

It Lowers Bad Cholesterol

Fiber in tiger nut milk is very good not only for regulating bowel movement, but also in lowering bad cholesterol in the blood — it is actually capable of sweeping out bad cholesterol in the food we eat. Having high bad cholesterol is one of the many risk factors for heart disease, just like the next one that tiger nut milk also helps manage.

It Controls High Blood Pressure

There is an amino acid present in tiger nut milk called arginine, and scientists say that it is capable of lowering high blood pressure. Just like high bad cholesterol, high blood pressure is something that can considerably increase your risk of heart disease. (Reminder: tiger nut milk is not a replacement for antihypertensive drugs.)

It Manages Inflammation

Tiger nut milk contains healthy fat. Such type of fat is referred to as healthy because it helps control inflammation. Experts say that it’s not just joint pain and swelling that inflammation within the body can cause, but so many other health problems. Some of them include diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis and cancer.

It May Help Lower Cancer Risk

Speaking of cancer, scientists say that antioxidants present in tiger nut milk exhibit anti-cancer properties. Many studies conducted on tiger nuts revealed that it is especially superb at fighting off prostate cancer. So if you’re a male, over 65 years old and with a family history of cancer, load up on tiger nut milk to lower your prostate cancer risk.

It Builds and Maintains Muscles

Especially if you are into fitness, it’s a wonderful idea for you to drink tiger nut milk on a regular basis. That’s because it provides the body with excellent amounts of protein. Tiger nut milk is also recommended for anyone who is beauty-conscious because its protein content also helps keep the skin young and healthy.

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