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Make up Don’ts for Your First

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Congratulation you’ve got your first job! No matter what it is, most of us are required to apply makeup on. Especially for work that requires customer service. You want to be a professional and respected at work, and your appearance will play a role in this.

We all have a different version of ourselves, when we’re at home chilling, when we’re going out to have fun, going on a date and work. You can’t really wear your pajamas to your date and you can’t wear party makeup to work. This will be your first job and this will be your stepping stone to something greater. So, making sure that you’ve got all the aspects handled is important. Skip the exaggerated and harsh makeup.

We’ve compiled some of the makeup don’ts when it comes to your first job.

Bright Red Cheeks

Going to your first job looking like someone smacked you in the face will not leave a good impression. You don’t want to be the person that is known for applying excessive amounts of blush. When it comes to blush, leave the high fashion and 80’s inspired blush for special occasions. You want that rosy and pinkish glow. Go for warm colors and apply just enough to give you that rosy cheek. Apply your blush on the sides instead of the apples of your cheeks since this gives off more of a professional vibe.

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Black, Gray or Any Dark Eyeshadow

We know black eyeshadows can make your eyes pop, but come on. You’re going to work not to a fashion show or a night club. You want to aim for elegant and approachable, not seductive or gothic. Excessive amount or colors that are too dark can come off as unprofessional. Skipping the eyeshadow is acceptable, just apply a little eye contouring to give it light and depth.

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Perfume Bath

This has nothing to do with makeup, but is one of the most common mistake. Smelling good is a great way to impress your coworkers, but something can be said when people can smell you from a mile away. This can come off as bothersome, especially when you have to work in a confined space with different people. When spraying perfume, opt for the wrist, neck and back. Don’t apply it all over your body and clothes. You should still be able to leave a soft scent without overpowering the environment.

Applying Too Much Bronzer Bronzer

is an amazing and versatile product, but it still has its downfalls. It looks amazing on pale skin during those no tan seasons, but it can also give you that unnatural orange hue. Applying too much bronzer can be a huge and glowing disaster. Make sure that you target your T zone and areas on your face where you want to add a glow or light. Look at your mirror under a bright light and look at areas that gives you great angles and apply bronzer on them.

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Fake Lashes

One of the most revolutionizing things in makeup was the false eyelashes. This simple invention can give us that full and luscious lashes in just a few minutes. Though, there are occasions that false lashes are not the best thing you can use. You can avoid this disaster by sporting some natural looking false lashes instead of those thick and extravagant ones or simply use mascara.

Bright Red Lipstick

Red lipstick can work as a double edge sword when it comes to work. Red lipstick can give you that powerful and strong appearance, but it can also be an intimidating and too striking color. This type of lipstick is great if you’ve been in your job for a long time or have a job that requires you to look fierce. For your first job though, it’s a no-no. You can wear this on special events or night outs, but when it comes lip make up for your first job, opt for natural or light tones. Dark plum or warm colors give out a welcoming and kind vibe.

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Dry Skin

Applying makeup directly on dry skin can give you patchy and flaky makeup. It’s important to hydrate the skin before applying any makeup. Apply Moisturizer on your skin and let it dry before applying makeup. Not only will it make your skin look healthy, it will also make the makeup last longer.

To avoid getting most of these makeup don’ts is to keep everything simple. There is something to that refreshing and light makeup look that makes your working persona more approachable. It’s better to apply later on than to overdo your makeup. 

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