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Save Yourself from Stress!

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Top 7 Signs that You Need to Relax for your Health Living in this fast-paced world has its perks and drawbacks. It is unfortunate that majority of the population inevitable deal with stress on a daily basis. With a ton of responsibilities on your shoulders and the fact that we only have 24 hours in a day, it is extremely difficult to avoid feeling anxious and stress altogether. Based on s study conducted by the American Psychological Association, more than 50% of working adults in the United States feel that they fail to manage the amount of stress they experience on a daily basis. Not only do negative feelings such as stress and anxiety takes a toll on their mental health and well being, they are also known to manifest as physical symptoms altogether.

The stress epidemic that is spreading in the country and all across the globe is steadily increasing, and unfortunately getting worse than ever. Majority of people feel high levels of stress all time to the point that most of us run on an automatic operating system filled with fear and anxiety. As stress and anxiety seem to be normal occurrences, most people do not recognize warning signs that the body as well as the mind need a bit of break from them. If this actually sounds like how you live your life, here are common stress warnings you need to watch out for.

– Nightmares

Occasional nightmares are commonplace and part of the human experience. However, if you are having bad dreams most nights of the week, this is a serious signal that you are suffering from serious nervous system imbalance. Our dreams essentially reflect our dominant thoughts in daily live. If our dreams are mainly made up of negativity and darkness, this simply means that our primary thought processes need a little bit of break and more care. Stress presents itself in various ways, and in different facets of existence. It should also be noted that stress may also interfere even while we are sleeping.

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Nightmares usually jolts us into wakefulness in the middle of the night, thus making it extremely difficult to go back to sleep. To prevent this problem., you may want to start some form of meditation regiment or relaxation exercises to effectively manage excess stress.

– Sleeplessness

If you don’t have nightmares, you might experience sleeplessness or inability to sleep well at night as a result of high levels of stress. If you lie awake for hours on end thinking about pending bills or some other crucial activity at work, you will most likely suffer from either short term or long term insomnia. People’s brain these days are becoming more active at night. It is during night time that most people spend some time alone with their thoughts after a busy day at work or at school.

If your daily thoughts are making it hard for you to sleep soundly, the lack of sleeping time can take a huge toll on your health over time.

– Clouded and Foggy Thinking

Brain fog develops when the mind is not given the rest it deserves. With all the obligations, noise, and chaos from everyday life, the brain seems to absorb most of these negativities resulting in reduced mental clarity. Bear in mind that extremal stressors do not have to replicate in your mind. You have total control of your brain and take care of it by means of self-care and relaxation. If you are having a hard time focusing on things, this is a clear-cut sign that you need to chill a bit.

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-Easy Fatigability

If you are starting to get sick easily and more often than before, this only means that the immune system is extremely overwhelmed, thus leading to its inability to get rod of harmful toxins and disease-causing bacteria. A lot of us think that contracting disease or illness is something that we get from other people, but bear in mind that our mental health and wellbeing plays a crucial role in the development of diseases. If you are suffering from stress for long periods of time, the immune system starts to weaken. This phenomenon significantly reduces the production of cortisol. Cortisol is a compound that helps in regulating immune cells during stressful situations. Chronic stress can negatively affect cortisol production making it easier for people to catch colds and flu from others.

-Stress Eating

A lot of us resort to eating food even when we are not hungry, for the sole reason that we are stressed. Most people turn to food when they feel too many negative emotions but are unable to process them effectively. Emotional eating or stress eating can be very dangerous to health and wellness. Using food as an emotional crutch will only make things worse. It does not solve the problem at all. Satiety makes us feel good for a short period of time as this activity increases our dopamine levels making us feel relaxed and happy for a few hours. Emotional eating is not good at all as this can be addicting and on the long term, harmful to health and wellness too.

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So the next time you feel stressed, make sure to prepare yourself hot tea for relaxation. You may also try taking relaxing soak in the tub, meditation, or a relaxing activity that will not only de-stress the mind, but nourish your soul too.

– You have No Chill

With the constant notifications from cellphones, computers, and applications, it’s hard to take a relaxing break from it all. Even movie or series marathon are not enough to take the emotional and psychological burden from your shoulders. The real essence of relaxation is merely taking a break from work, but surrendering to nothingness. Being along quiets the mind and our soul. Spend some alone time and enjoy the bliss of peace and tranquility. If however you still find it hard to separate from your thoughts during your ME time, this may only mean that you have excessive stress in your life.

– Skin Issues

Stress can reveal itself as physical symptoms. According to experts, stress can cause the body to unknowingly produce high levels of stress hormones and cortisol. These things signal the skin to produce more sebaceous glands and increase oil production. Excessive oil production results in a wide array of skin issues, ranging from acne, flare ups, and infections too. With this in mind, you will need to adapt a healthier lifestyle including balanced eating, daily exercises, and the practice of relaxations techniques.

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