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Tips to Cover up Grey Hair

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Through our lifetime we go through a lot of hair mishaps and bad hair days, but nothing really compares to having grey hair. This is one of the most awful hair nightmares that women can face, all through their life. You can wait for a botched haircut to grow and treat damage hair, but you can’t prevent grey hair from growing.

Grey or white hair usually appears in women in their mid to late thirties. This is a universal problem that affects every gender and race. Gray hairs are one of the most obvious signs of ageing or premature aging. Grey or white hair when the hair strand losses the hair pigment called melanin. This usually occurs due to aging, but grey hair can affect you at an early age. There are different factors that can affect your hair melanin pigment such as environmental pollution, genetic predisposition, natural chemical change and exposure to harmful elements.

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We often use different types of methods to cover up grey hair. Today we will discuss the different tricks and tips you can do to remedy this hair problem. Take a look below.

Start Dyeing Your Hair

We doubt you haven’t thought about dying your white hair and trust us, this is the right decision to make. One of the best ways to cover up grey hair is to dye it. Dying your hair will bring back the lost pigment in your hair, making it appear like it used to be. There are numerous hair dyes you can buy in your local market from henna dye to ammonia based hair color. When choosing a hair dye, it’s best to use the lowest ammonia or no ammonia hair dye. This hair dye is gentle on the hair and isn’t thick enough to prevent you from coloring it again. When picking out hair color that can cover grey hair pick ones that are close to dark brown, burgundy, brown and black. These colors will stick to the hair permanently and have little to no chance of being translucent or fading. Though, you have to consider your skin tone, season, natural hair color and hair health.

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Henna and Amla Dyes

When talking about natural home remedies, the easiest one you can use is Henna and amla dyes. This is the most natural way you can cover up grey hair at home. Start by acquiring your desired shade of henna and amla dyes and coffee powder. Create the hair pack by taking the paste of henna and adding a teaspoon of coffee powder and 3 tablespoons of amla powder together. Mix it thoroughly and add water to turn it into a paste like consistency. Comb your hair and apply the paste. Massage the paste onto the hair and hand comb it through. Leave the paste dry and wash of lukewarm water with mild shampoo and conditioner. Henna and amla can make the hair appear thicker and shinier.

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Black Tea

Another home remedy you can try to cover gray hair is the black tea remedy. This is one of the most traditional ways people used to cover up their white hair and is still practiced today. Start this home remedy by taking 2 tablespoons of tea leaves and boiling them. Boil the leaves until the water becomes dark brown or caramel color. Turn off the heat and allow it to cool. Once it completely cools apply it all over your hair. You can go to sleep with this mixture on or just leave it in for a few hours. Rinse your hair using cold water and avoid using hot water to wash your hair. Prevent using shampoos, for the first few days of application to prevent fading.

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Ribbed Gourd

This is a great remedy for restoring lost melanin in the hair and prevent further loss of pigmentation. Start this remedy by taking dry pieces of ribbed gourd and cut it into small pieces. Completely soak these pieces in coconut oil for three days. Take the mixture and boil it until it turns black. Let the mixture cool and massage the oil onto the scalp and grey hair. Leave it on for about 30 to 45 minutes and rinse out with cold water.

Drinking more water can help prevent lack of pigmentation, so make sure to get your 10 glasses a day. Eat a balanced diet to prevent malnutrition that can lead to lack of pigmentation and take care of your hair. 

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