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Quick Fixes for Common Nail Problems

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Our nails lend beauty to our hands especially in women who paint them in various colors to make a statement. But when they break, crack, or even fall off, they pose a problem that needs to be solved as soon as possible. If you have some problems with your nails and you’re looking for ways to remedy them, here are some quick fixes to try out.

  1. Beat the fungus. Nail fungus can happen from time to time especially when your toe nails are not properly cared for. When the nail fungus is not treated immediately, it can lead to your nails becoming brittle or will fall off. The best remedy for this is to use tea tree oil as this essential oil acts like an antiseptic that can remove fungus growth. Add one to two drops of oil on the affected nail after you take a bath or shower for better absorption.
  2. Ripped nail. A ripped nail can be troublesome especially when you’re always snagging it in your clothes. A good remedy for this is to pull at the tear gently then place a toothpick underneath with a drop of some nail glue on one end then push the nail down. File the edges to remove excess nail glue.
  3. Fake nails. Women whose nails are brittle and soft may think it’s a good idea to wear fake nails. Unfortunately, you are actually putting yourself at risk of acquiring nail fungus when wearing this accessory. The reason behind this is that the artificial nails will be glued on top of your existing nails. Most likely there will be a space in between the two which can be a breeding ground for fungus. Just skip the fake ones and look for alternatives that are safer and more effective.
  4. Peeling and splitting nails. Peeling and splitting in the nails often happen when the nails grow in a slanted direction. This causes a weakening in the nails hence the breakage. To solve this problem, you need to trim your nails first followed by buffing the top layer in one direction. You also need to keep your nails hydrated by applying oil on them to lock in the moisture. Moisturize your hands and nails afterwards.
  5. Vitamin deficiency. This is one of the reasons why there are some individuals who have weak nails. When there is vitamin deficiency, you can expect that your nails will be prone to cracks and breakage. To fix this problem, you will need to ensure that you are getting enough vitamins and minerals in your body by eating vegetables and fruits. You can also take supplements if you like but you will need to discuss this with your doctor to determine which supplement will work best for you.
  6. Weak nails. Weak nails can easily be torn when they hit a snag which poses a problem especially when they happen unexpectedly. You might think that the best course to take here is to apply a paint-on hardener but this doesn’t work really. For nail experts, using paint-on hardeners can do more bad than good which is why they recommend that those with nail problems choose supplements that have biotin in them to help strengthen their nails.
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These are just a few examples on how you can alleviate those pesky nail problems that often plague you. Going natural is still the best way to go as even the nail experts look for healthier alternatives to solve their patients’ problems. Changing your diet by adding more vegetables, fruits, and whole grains can help strengthen your nails in the long run.

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