6 Weight Loss Foods

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A lot of women struggle to keep their weight down what with their ever changing hormones, stress, peer pressure and, most of the time, poor diet options. Yes, diet plans abound, but do we really get to stick to them?  What makes this even more difficult is when you need to do clean eating and exercise at the same time which can leave you a bit hungry all the time. How then will you be able to keep those pounds off?

Well, it all begins on making some smart changes to your diet and this means adding these 6 weight loss foods so you can become skinny in no time.


Nuts are well known for the good fats that they contain. Nuts like almonds, pistachio, and the like have omega-3 essential fatty acids in them which can benefit the heart and other organ function. Another reason why nuts are good additions to your diet is because they have protein which can help make you feel full for hours. You can snack on them if you like or add to desserts for that extra crunch. 


Eating salmon is always a good idea when you are trying to lose weight as it is one of the best sources of lean protein where your stomach will feel full without adding to your fat. Unfortunately, many of us are not really sure if they are getting enough of this nutrient. A good rule of thumb is to simply increase your intake of such fish to get your lean protein fix. Another plus to eating salmon is that it is high in monounsaturated fatty acids which are beneficial to your overall health. 


Another useful addition to your diet is kale. This particular leafy green is creating a huge splash in the health industry because it is low in calorie, high in fiber, and is packed with calcium, and iron too. You can steam it or make some snacks by mixing chopped kale with quinoa and cooked black beans. You can do a lot with this vegetable so make sure that you have some on hand. 

Brown rice 

What other weight loss foods to add to your diet? How about brown rice? Compared to white rice, brown rice is heartier with plenty of fiber to fill your belly up better compared to white rice. Eating half a cup of brown rice can already give you 1.7 grams of Resistant Starch which is a type of healthy carbohydrate that can speed up your metabolism while burning fat at the same time. 


Don’t forget that eggs are also worth adding to your weight loss diet because they are considered as one of the best sources of protein. They are low in cholesterol and will stay in your stomach for hours so you won’t feel any cravings any time soon. Another benefit to eating eggs is that the protein in them can regulate your blood sugar levels so you won’t feel any hunger pangs. 


Grapefruit every day can have a significant impact to your overall weight. Eating half a grapefruit before each meal can actually make you lose a pound a week. Not bad, right? This is because it contains  a compound that can reduce insulin which is a hormone that causes your body to store fat.

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