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7 Ways to Terminate Termite Infestations In Your House

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As a homeowner, termites should be a serious concern. Sometimes, we ignore the threat, and before we know it, it’s too late to repair the damage or it would cost a lot of money to do so. Every year, Americans spend about $5 billion in damage as per the National Pest Management Association. Don’t make the same mistake. protect your homes by being well-informed. Termites are some serious issue, and if you want your home to be a pleasant place of gathering for you, your children, and soon grandchildren, you better know how to identify the red flags to be able to take preventive measures.

Even if you don’t own a log cabin, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be worried about termites. I’m sure there are other wooden furniture and fixtures in your house such as doors, racks, shelves, and even floorings. The risk is even higher with higher moisture. Fortunately, there are more than one way to stop termites from destructing your house. Below are several treatments and remedies to prevent termites from entering and lurking in your house.

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1.Sodium Chloride

Sodium chloride is a natural and organic compound that is used in many cleaners and disinfectants. What you can do is to soak some cotton balls in it, and cover the wet cotton balls with a plastic cover. Place them under your wooden furniture and other areas that are prone to termites. This does not only kill those termites; it’s also effective in turning them away.

2. Boric Acid

This is one of the most common ways to get rid of termites. You can find this ingredient in most of those insecticides specifically made for termites that you can buy from the stores. It causes the crash of the insect’s nervous system and dehydrate them at the same time. Aside from using those ready-to-use sprays, you can also mix boric acid powder with water, put in a sprayer, and spray to the infested areas. You can also make use of paint brush and apply the mixture to all the wood furniture and surfaces at home.

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3. Nematodes

One popular method of eliminating termites is using nematodes or small worms. Nematodes are natural parasites to garden pests such as termites. What they do is look for hosts and hole into them. When it comes to fighting termites, nematodes will target the larvae directly. Overtime, the population of termite would significantly decrease, and later on, they won’t be able todo any more damage to your house.

4. Cardboard Traps

Aside from wood, termites also feed on paper and cardboards. You can make use of cardboards to trap the termites, but it requires you to take action and not just leave it there and wait until the termites die. What you can do is to wet the cardboard and put it in areas where the termites usually attack. Once the cardboard is infested by a lot of termites, wear gloves, pick the cardboard, and burn it. This method requires to be repeated several times when necessary.

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5. Hot and Cold Treatment

Termites die if temperatures are more than 120 degrees or below -20 degrees Fahrenheit. Take the infested item, perhaps a wooden object, under the sun. What happens next is that the moisture content would be evaporated, and the termites will either die or leave the piece alone. You may also make use of liquid nitrogen if the temperature is colder.

6. Essential Oils

In recent years, more and more people are discovering the benefits of using essential oils. However, we’re most familiar with itas ointment for inflamed areas in our bodies. Little did we know that essential oils are also effective in eliminating termites. Some of the most useful essential oils for combatting termites are vetiver and clove bud oils. These two are able to kill the termites and guarantee no infestation of more termites afterwards. Pour oil/s in a mist sprayer and apply it to infested objects and areas.

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7. Petroleum Jelly

Another surprising process of terminating termites is with the use of petroleum jelly. Simply rub it directly on the usually affected objects and pieces. Let it sit on for a day or two before wiping and polishing the fixtures with a soft cloth.

Now, I hope seeing how easy the steps above are, you won’t be lazy to take immediate action. Here are a few more Do’s and Don’ts when dealing with termites in your home.


•Manage and maintain the right level of moisture inside your house.

•Take necessary actions even before your house get infested. Better be safe than sorry.

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•Sweep off all the dead plants since they attract termites.

•Call a professional if you are clueless about what you’re doing or if your attempts are not making the situation any better.


Stock up wooden logs in areas where moisture level is high, as they will be more attractive to termites.

•Use unauthorized products as they can cause further damage.

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