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Don’t Throw Those Desiccants Just Yet!

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Amazing Uses of Silica Gels When you purchase a new pair of shoes, you see a pack or two of silica inside the box. We normally throw these immediately in the trash as consider them useless altogether. Throwing them away is a big mistake, as these packets of silica gel are extremely useful, especially inside the house. Desiccants are packets containing silica dioxide. These are non-toxic inert materials that are guaranteed to dry out anything around them.

Here are some of the many home uses of desiccants:

– Place them in between bath towels

Put a few of these packets in cabinets where you store towels. They will prevent bath towel from getting damp and prevents them from ending up smelling bad.

– Place them in your gym bag

These silica gel bags are excellent when it comes to absorbing excess moisture. They are also great at protecting the item/s they are added to from bacterial growth and mold growth, which is essentially the primary reason why they are manufactured in the first place. With this in mind, it is undoubtedly a great idea to add them inside your gym bad as they will eliminate the proliferation of germs and dampness. Silica gel packets will also freshen up your gym bag due to its drying action. They can even remove the unpleasant odor that may have developed inside gym bags.

– Salvage your wet phone

If you get your precious smartphone wet, do not despair. Instead of putting your cellular phone in a jar of rice, you may place them inside a bowl of silica gels instead.

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– Prevent foggy car windows

We highly recommend placing silica gel packets under the windshield from the inside of your car. Instead of waiting for fog to actually form on the windows, it’s best to prevent such an occurrence simply by adding silica gel bags for defogging purposes. This should be done especially by people who own old cars. Leave them overnight during rainy or cold weather conditions. This practice is guaranteed to save you at least ten minutes of cleaning up the car windows.

– Extend the shelf life of your Jack O’Lantern

Save your Jack O Lantern from spoiling and increase its shelf life for a few more days simply by adding silica gel bags inside. Remember that nobody wants to smell rotting pumpkin on your porch while trick-or-treating.

– Salvage your old photos We all have some old photos hidden somewhere at the basement or up at the attic. These are valuable as they evoke memories from the good old days. Sadly, old photos can deteriorate as years go by due to external elements that may bring down the components of traditional photographs. You can prevent this from happening, by placing a bag or two of silica gels to reduce dampness or moisture that may ruin the overall integrity of photographs.

– Save your cosmetics In your makeup purse, place a gel bag to prevent powder-based makeup from curdling or disintegrating.

– Make razor blades last longer In a plastic container, you are recommended to place a few silica gel bags instead of leaving them around in the bathroom wet after use. This will ensure that the blades stay sharp for a longer period of time.

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