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Herbs That Help Remove Toxins in the Body

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Having unhealthy eating habits, using household cleaning solutions and personal care products with poisonous ingredients, smoking cigarettes, consuming lots of alcohol, taking OTC and prescription medicines, being stressed — all of these things that can cause toxins to accumulate within you.

Although it’s true that the human body is equipped with its own detoxifying mechanism, it is not entirely foolproof. As an example, your liver which is one of your many organs of elimination can become overburdened when there’s simply too much toxins to deal with, leaving it working less than optimally.

It’s easy to tell when more toxins are being introduced into your body more than it can handle and eliminate. Some of the signs include lack of energy, fatigue, bloating and skin disorders. The functioning of your brain, too, is affected by excessive toxins in the body.

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Fortunately, giving your body a break can help it bounce back from all of the negative things that too much toxins tend to bring. Including more fresh and organic fruits and vegetables in your everyday diet can help as well. Exercising on a regular basis helps accelerate the removal of toxins.

There are also certain herbs that you may count on if it’s quite evident that your body can benefit from having itself rid of poisonous substances. Continue reading to know which herbs are very good at helping the body eliminate toxins in a more effective manner.


While the leaves and roots of dandelion may be employed for detoxification, it’s the flowers that are commonly used for such task. Consuming tea out of dandelion flowers promotes liver health, thus helping that organ of yours to neutralize toxins in the body with efficiency.

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Milk Thistle 

Another herb that encourages the liver to do its task more effectively is milk thistle. In fact, it’s a common ingredient in numerous supplements for liver health. This herb also helps encourage digestion, thus allowing the body to be supplied with all the nutrients it needs in order to bounce back from the adverse effects of too much toxins.

Stinging Nettle 

This herb is known to support the kidneys, which are actually organs of elimination as they filter out impurities and poisonous substances in the blood, flushing them out of your body when you pee. To take advantage of stinging nettle, you may add it to the food you eat or drink it as a tea.

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Red clover 

A couple of reasons exist why red clover is a very good detoxifier of the body. First, it encourages the removal of toxins in the blood with the help of your kidneys. Second, red clover aids in breaking down toxins in the lymphatic system, making them so much easier to neutralize.


This very popular culinary herb can actually help keep your body free of toxins. According to scientists, it’s something that’s very good at zapping mercury and other heavy metals. To benefit from the detoxifying properties of cilantro, you may add it to sauces, soups, stews and even smoothies.


What makes parsley a wonderful detoxifier of the body is the fact that it’s loaded with vitamin C.  Did you know that vitamin C is actually a very powerful antioxidant? So by including parsley in your diet, you are supplying your body with antioxidants capable of neutralizing toxins and reversing the many ill effects they have on the health.

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This highly aromatic herb that’s perfect for making pasta sauces has amazing anti-inflammatory properties that help make it easier for the body to get rid of toxins. The said ability of basil to fight off inflammation is due to the volatile oil it contains called “eugenol”, which is also capable of killing off microbes.


It’s not just good for freshening the breath and easing indigestion, but also in detoxifying the body. That’s because peppermint promotes healthy lungs, which are actually organs of elimination. Peppermint can come in handy most especially when an infection of the upper respiratory tract is present.

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